Baking #29: Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

I just baked a 18cm Black Sesame Chiffon Cake this morning before coming to work. I had been intrigued to try this recipe myself as I am quite a big fan of black sesame but maybe not on Black Sesame Paste though. I bought a packet of grounded black sesame but unfortunately, I find the smell not to be as strong as I hoped it to be. Even Mom claimed that my chiffon cake doesn’t smell like black sesame when baked.


Black Sesame Chiffon Cake (adapted from Small Small Baker)

As I mentioned previously, Sister is borrowing my SONY NEX-3N to Melbourne as she forgot to bring back hers. And I have no choice but to dig out my other compact digital camera which I owned previously. When my family and I moved house couple of months back, I stored this compact digital camera in a box and stash the box underneath my study table.

The battery had ran out so I recharged it for a couple of hours before reactivating it again. To be honest, I am so not used to using such a tiny compact digital when my SONY NEX-3N looked and felt bulky in comparison. It took me a few attempts before I settled with the above picture.

Without further ado, let me get started with what I am about to do for this blog entry.


  • 3 egg yolks
  • 25g fine granulated sugar *15g*
  • 30ml corn oil
  • 70ml water
  • 80g cake flour
  • 40g black sesame powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 3 egg whites
  • 30g fine granulated sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar


  1. Beat egg yolks with 15g of fine granulated sugar until it turn pale and light.
  2. Pour in corn oil and water in sequence and mix until well combined.
  3. Mix together cake flour, black sesame powder and baking powder together and sift them into the egg yolk batter. Mix them all together until no flour lump could be seen.
  4. Beat egg whites with cream of tartar until it turns foamy and frothy. Gradually add in 30g of fine granulated in two batches until stiff peaks are formed.
  5. Gently fold in the meringue into the egg yolk batter in three batches until no white streak is to be seen.
  6. Pour batter into a 18cm chiffon pan and bake on the lowest rack in a preheated oven of 170 degree Celsius for 40 minutes or until inserted cake tester comes out clean.
  7. When baked, invert cake immediately to cool down or until it’s cool enough to be unmoulded.

To be honest, I did not really like the taste of this Black Sesame Chiffon Cake as I personally think that the taste of black sesame is very subtle. A colleague of mine taught me that I should cook the black sesame powder before using them to bake cakes. That way, the aroma of the black sesame powder would be stronger. The texture of the cake was rather dry on the crust but still soft and spongy on the inside.

According to another colleague of mine, this cake would taste even better if it wasn’t this bland. I had modified the sugar quantity myself as majority of the recipes on the Internet tend to be rather sweet for my liking. So if you are considering trying this recipe, you should stick with the original recipe. This cake definitely for those who are health conscious.


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