Baking #33 – Steamed Egg Muffin

I made Steamed Egg Muffins few weekends ago when Sister was still home for holiday. I got tired of baking. Hence, I decided to make something by steaming rather than baking. I had been keeping this recipe which I bookmarked from BeautyMeLoveRecipes for quite some time but never gotten round to do it.

Fortunately for me, the ingredients were easy to get hold of as I had majority of them at home apart from cream soda. But unfortunately, I find the texture of my Steamed Egg Muffins to be of failure as it was pretty dense. The taste was alright and the sweetness level was just perfect.


Ingredients for Steamed Egg Muffins …


  • 230g self-raising flour
  • 120ml cream soda *I used F&N Ice-Cream Soda*
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 190g fine granulated sugar *I reduced to 90g because I not using non-sugar cream soda*
  • 4 eggs


  1. Whisk eggs and sugar till the batter turned pale in color and add in vanilla essence.
  2. Sift in 1/3 of the self-raising flour into the creamy batter and alternating with the cream soda. Repeat the process and stop when all were well combined.
  3. Pour the batter into muffins with 3/4 full.
  4. Steam on high heat for about 10 minutes. *I steamed mine for about 13 minutes*


Steamed Egg Muffins (adapted from BeautyMeLoveRecipes)

I couldn’t understand why my Steamed Egg Muffins turned out to be dense in texture when I had followed all the instructions exactly. Can anyone shed some lights here on what I might have did wrongly?

29072014 – Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant, Kiulap

I had dinner just few a hours ago with two of my ex-classmates from CHMS as mentioned in my previous blog entry. I had stood the both of them up twice previously due to work commitment. So, I invited them this time round instead as it was always San Diann who made the approach to invite both Clara and I. I am lucky enough that the both of them turned out to be free.

While uploading the pictures onto my Facebook, I realized that this was the first time we had dinner together after the three of us left CHMS ten years ago. It somehow made me realized that I rarely keep in touch with my ex-classmates apart from the friends that I met during my college days. Anyways, it was fun catching up with each other lives tonight. I could do this often. LOL!

Anyways, food pictures ahead before I hit the sack …


Seafood Tom Yam | Green Curry Chicken | Pad Thai

The Seafood Tom Yam was good. It tasted sour and yet a little bit spicy at the same time. It was indeed an appetizing dish to start our dinner. The Green Curry Chicken was however a complete disappointment for me as I find the gravy to be a little bit too spicy for my liking. Both San Diann and Clara also agreed that the gravy tasted quite spicy to tolerate and we ended up with half as leftovers.


Mango Sliced Fish

This was cooked with chili paste sauce (I think) and sprinkled with some cashew nuts. There was nothing much to rave about this as I do not like the fish fillets much. I don’t think it was dory fish but still not good enough for me. Probably it was because I had too much fish in a day. We had about three dishes of fish this morning when having brunch at Ching Nam Fong with some colleagues.


Pandan Chicken

This was good. The chicken meat was juicy, soft and tender. And the sweet chili sauce compliments the Pandan Chicken well. You could always choose to have the Pandan leaves served as well. But I requested to have the staff removed the leaves for us instead of getting our fingers all oily.


Group picture of the three of us together to sort of “commemorate” our dinner together 10 years after we left CHMS. LOL!

Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant
No: 7A, Ground Floor,
Urairah Complex,
Lot 38564,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230316

Sungkai Buffet Review: Sushi Tei, Gadong Central

The hectic days were finally over. I get to sit down properly in my office and finishing off some of my overdue works which had been piling for almost a month. Our office opened late today as it’s the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. So, a couple of colleagues and I headed over to Ching Nam Fong for a hearty brunch. Well, it was brunch for me as I did not have any breakfast beforehand. I set my alarm to ring off at 9:30a.m. in the morning so that I get ample of time to get ready. Turned out I was still running late as three of my colleagues had arrived before me. LOL!

And it’s dinner tonight with two ex-classmates of mine from CHMS. We had been making plans for dinner together since last month. And I stood them up twice. There was one time when I cancelled on them as I had tooth cleaning at the dentist in the morning and my gums were a bit swollen. Hence, it doesn’t feel very comfortable when having food. And there was once when I had to cancel on them due to overdue work which I had to finish on that particular evening.

One of them – San Diann, invited both Clara and I to Raya house visiting to another ex-classmate of ours. I turned them down again as I couldn’t be sure if I am able to leave work on time on that evening. I decided to invite them for dinner tonight since I do not have much to do and they seem to be free at the same time. We had decided to go Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant tonight for Thai food.

Anyways, let’s not get sidetracked and let me get going with what I intended to blog about today. I have quite a few skincare products to be reviewed. I’ll get them up as soon as possible as I haven’t even took their picture yet. LOL!

The four of us – Jia, Stephen, Eldie and I went for Sungkai Buffet at Sushi Tei, Gadong Central two Sundays ago in celebration of Eldie’s birthday. It was an advanced celebration from me. Eldie wanted to try Pasta Mania at first since he has never been to one. But unfortunately, Pasta Mania doesn’t serve ala carte apart from beverages and huge portion of pastas can make you go sick as well. So, we decided on Sushi Tei in the end since they are serving buffet spread for B$18.80 per person. Quite a good deal I would say.

Anyways, let’s get started with the food pictures. I did not take all of the food pictures as it was kinda awkward to take pictures of them one by one as there could be another patron waiting behind you for food.


Complimentary smoothies for you to try upon arrival. All tables were placed with a set of these. We did not try at first until at the very end of our dinner. I took one to try while Eldie tried a little bit of each and everyone of them. I remembered that there was one blended out of oat or cereal. Quite an odd taste for smoothie I would say.







These were only half of the food served at Sushi Tei, Gadong Central the other night. The waitresses did refills from time to time when food were running low. I wanted to have a lot of salmon sashimi but unfortunately, my toothache hindered me from doing so. I couldn’t eat much of too hot or cold food and painkiller doesn’t seem to be working well that evening. So, I only had a slice or two of the sashimi.

According to Stephen, the sashimi were only average and it’s probably because they did not use the best part of a salmon. The lamb looked overcooked in my opinion albeit I did not take any to try. Eldie tried Okonomiyaki and he said it wasn’t that great. To be honest, I think the food were a bit of hit and miss. Some were good in my opinion.


This was my first round. I thought they were serving Shiitake Tempura but it turned out to be Soft Shell Crab Tempura. My first round of food was okay. The Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce was good and I ended up with a second helping. Hahaha … xD


Second round of food. The Baked Cheese Scallop was good but I did not go for a second helping as I find the gravy of the melting cheese a little bit too salty for my liking. But nevertheless, it was good. Takoyaki was okay but not the best as it wasn’t piping hot when I had it.

Sushi Tei
42 & 43, Bangunan Gadong Central,
Kampung Menglait, Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2449977

Review: Ding Tea, Brunei

I came home to Mom telling me that water supply will be cut short in a matter of few hours as the national Water Department is currently doing some waterworks maintenance nearby. So, the only water supply that we have at the moment is the leftover in the water tank.

I intended to try out Green Tea (Matcha) Chiffon Cake this afternoon but decided not to since water supply will not be consistent. Therefore, I ended up making Steamed Purple Sweet Potato Mantou and it’s currently proofing in my breadmaker. Hahaha … I used the dough function to knead the dough as I am quite incapable of kneading them with my bare hands to the right consistency and texture.

Anyways, let me get over with some of my overdue blog entries which were supposed to be up last week but delayed due to the workload I had at work and laziness took over me at times. LOL! So, I am gonna blog about Ding Tea which was opened in Brunei few months ago for today. Both Jennifer and I intended to try out the said place some time ago but I ended up trying it with Sister instead after our Sungkai Buffet dinner at Modesto Bistro & Grill.


Ding Tea is located at Warisan Mata-Mata Complex. If you know the whereabouts of Mamih or Sing U Me across the road from Supa Save Gadong, then it’s not hard for you to find Ding Tea.


The design of Ding Tea looked very unique to me. It has an English feel. I am not sure about you but this was what I thought of the moment when I stepped into the cafe. On the right hand side from the Cashier counter, there were two sets of swinging chairs for patrons. I wanted to try the swing chairs but there were a couple of patrons occupying the other set of the swinging chairs. If either one of us move the swinging chairs, it will automatically affect the other patrons on the other side. Hence, we decided to sit on the normal chairs instead.


Menu (click here for a clearer version)


Ginger Milk Tea 姜母奶茶 | B$3.00

This is what I was having the other day. I had been cutting short on cold beverages as I am currently having sensitive teeth. Drinking cold beverages will only make things worse. So, hot beverage it was. I personally preferred the Ginger Milk Tea from Gong Cha more than the version which I had at Ding Tea the other day. This one here is rather lack of taste. But it’s definitely a soothing beverage to have when you are having the time of the month.


Aloe Vera Lemonade 柠檬芦荟 | B$3.50

This was what Sister ordered for herself the other day. As usual, she is always craving for sourish drink. Those who doesn’t know her might assumed that she is pregnant or what. LOL! She quite liked her beverage as it was sour enough for her liking.


Loyalty card in the shape of a pineapple. LOL! Doubt I will be able to accumulate required stamps to redeem a free drink before the expiry month.

Verdict: I think Ding Tea is worth the try if you are looking for a place with a nice ambiance to catch up with some friends over drinks.

Ding Tea
Unit 4, Block B,
Warisan Mata-Mata Complex,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2450430

Sungkai Buffet Review: Modesto Bistro & Grill

Sister went back to China this morning and that left me with no companion when it comes to food hunting. Both Kaylie and I had not been meeting up for meals lately as I had been busy with work. And furthermore, Jia is currently 6 months pregnant. So, eating out is not as convenient as it used to be anymore.

Anyways, both Sister and I tried out Modesto Bistro & Grill after contemplating between various restaurants for dinner. I was craving for Korean cuisine the other night but Sister sort of wanted to try somewhere we both never been before. And Modesto Bistro & Grill struck my brain the moment she said it. So, Modesto Bistro & Grill it was.

We never intended to try their Sungkai Buffet. I had only wanted to try their ala carte dishes. But unfortunately, ala carte is not available until 8:30p.m. in the evening and my growling stomach doesn’t seem to be able to wait till then. So, Sister suggested that we check out their Sungkai Buffet dishes before deciding whether to go ahead or not. Sister finds their food offerings acceptable at first sight so we settled with Sungkai Buffet rather than wait till 8:30p.m. for dinner.

Modesto Bistro & Grill has a printed leaflet that stated what dishes they serve on different days. But I will just show you what will be served on every Friday for your reference.

Prawn Cocktails in Shooter Glass
Assorted Cold Cuts

Potato and Leek Soup

Main Entree
Modesto Beef Rib Honey Mustard Sauce
Grilled Lamb Scottadita
Mushroom Sauce (Marinated in Tomato)
Chicken Cacciatore (Stew)
Prawn Thermidor
Potato Wedges
Wok Fried Kailan in Garlic Oyster Sauce
Garlic Rice

Modesto Roast Carving Section
(Two choices of Roasted Lamb, Beef or Chicken)

Pasta Section
Live Cooking Show

Kiddie Station
(Two choices of meal from Kids Menu)

Food pictures ahead …


This is the pasta section whereby you order your pasta. They have two choices of pasta – penne and linguine, with two choices of sauces – carbonara and bolognese. I see that majority patrons ordered carbonara sauce instead of bolognese sauce. Sister claimed that carbonara sauce is way more expensive than bolognese sauce.


Carbonara Linguine

This is my plate of pasta. I ordered linguine pasta with carbonara sauce and side toppings of mushrooms. The portion for mushrooms were good enough but I would prefer if they used button mushrooms instead of shiitake. One thing I failed to notice was that coriander leaves were stirred into the carbonara sauce as well in the process of preparing my pasta. The sauce was great but it would be better without the coriander leaves.


Next to the pasta station was this kiddie station whereby they stationed a chocolate fondue with varieties of finger foods like biscuit sticks, fingers sponge, fruit cocktails and so on. Sister tried their mini pizza and she did not like them that much as they turned hard after getting exposed to air for quite some time already.



There were quite a few selections here at this main course station but I only tried their Grilled Lamb Scottadita and Chicken Cacciatore (Stew). The Grilled Lamb Scottadita was a little bit too hard and dry for me. And that particular piece of Grilled Lamb Scottadita which I took was cooked medium rare. The meat was still red with blood when I sliced it up. The Chicken Cacciatore (Stew) tasted okay though. At least, I find it better than the Grilled Lamb Scottadita.


Prawn Cocktails in Shooter Glass

I took one each for both Sister and I. We did not return for a refill for this. The prawns were okay, quite fresh but not the freshest. I couldn’t be sure what’s the dipping sauce but Sister guessed that it should be sour cream dipping sauce.


Assorted Cold Cuts


Our first round of food …


And this was my second round – Grilled Lamb Scottadita and Chicken Chicken Cacciatore (Stew).


And finishing off with desserts. The desserts were only average to me but there was one particular dessert which Sister tried was good. I couldn’t remember what’s the name but she complimented about it when the Cashier asked her about the food. But unfortunately, there was another dessert which was bad. I think it was the brownie or something. It was extremely hard to the extent that you couldn’t even poke it with a fork. So, you could sort of imagine how hard it was.

All in all, I think B$24 is value for money if you like beef or lamb. The spread is okay but then I suspected that they don’t do refills much as I saw that there were quite a few dishes which were almost finishing but no refill had been made.

Modesto Bistro & Grill
Unit 8,9 & 10,
Abraco Building,
Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2332000