Root Canal Treatment Or Tooth Extraction?

I went for another dental appointment this morning again as I had been feeling pain around my bottom molars section. Surprisingly, the dentist once again told me that my bottom molar is okay as she doesn’t see any hole caused by decay. So, it could be due to the wisdom tooth growing out and knocking the side of the tooth next to it.

And another funny thing was that she also mentioned that the speed of my wisdom tooth growing out filling the space of my previously extracted molar was a little bit too fast for my age. So, now I wonder how long should it take to grow out for my age? To be honest, I had seen the wisdom tooth growing out a few months after the extraction had taken place.

Another sad story of my today’s visit to the dentist was that she mentioned that I need to do three minor fillings and one root treatment. One of my upper premolar was rather decayed and the hole was quite shallow. We did an x-ray just to rule out all possibilities. According to my x-ray finding, normal filling won’t do. Therefore, root canal treatment or extraction is necessary so that it doesn’t root further.

The dentist recommended me to going to the National Dental Centre (NDC) as it is a lot cheaper there as the dental clinic charges B$500 per root treatment. What I like about this clinic is that the dentists here would suggest you going to the NDC rather than asking you to stick with them just for profiting reason. I know that there are some dental clinics in town who wouldn’t even bother to make a suggestion for you to go to the NDC.

I had even considered going for extraction this time albeit I am pretty scared of it. Root canal treatment might be a bit risky if the dentist did not do it right in the first place. If root canal treatment wasn’t done properly, you would end up in agony when the pain starts. But the dentist told me to avoid extraction as it won’t look nice when I smile or talk as the hole is pretty obvious unless I am planning on making denture.

So, what do you think? Root canal treatment or tooth extraction?

Oh … And if you are wondering which dental clinic which I usually go to, it’s Dr. CY Chin Dental Clinic. It’s on the third floor of Wisma Haji Daud. Call +673-2453628 if you wish to make an appointment. I would usually request for Dr. Chin himself albeit there is also another dentist in the house. Dr. Chin is only available after 10:30a.m. in the morning most of the time.


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