Review: The Energy Kitchen, Brunei

I am finally having the time to update this blog of mine after having abandoned it for almost a week. To be honest, I do have things to blog about but couldn’t seem to find the time to do so. Anyways, I am not gonna bombard you with many wordings today as I needed to hit the sack soon before the toothache starts to bother me again. And somemore, I have a seminar which I needed to attend tomorrow morning.

Some of you may have heard of the newly opened restaurant – The Energy Kitchen, owned by Wu Chun himself. The said restaurant emphasizes on healthy and fresh food eating. The Energy Kitchen is located on the ground floor of Fitness Zone in Kiulap. I think there used to be another cafe before The Energy Kitchen is opened. The three of us – Jennifer, Sister and I decided to try out the said new restaurant since there are not much new eateries in town that we could try.

I’ll show you some pictures of how the restaurant looks like on the inside and followed by the food pictures.




Now here comes the part whereby the food pictures will come into the scene. LOL!


This is a complimentary drink which they gave Sister to sample. It’s a smoothie alike beverage that came with banana and some kind of seed. At first we thought this was the beverage which Sister ordered but decided that it couldn’t be since the size was super small. LOL!


Cleanse & Glow | B$6.50

The liquid in red is Cleanse, comes with beetroot, celery, parsley and green apple while the liquid in green is Glow. It comes with green apple, cucumber, lemon and watercrest. Both Sister and Jennifer think they were quite nice and refreshing. The liquids were cold-pressed instead of juicing them with a normal blender. Normal blender produces heat when operating hence killing the good nutrients in the process.

But with these cold-pressed juice machines, they don’t produce heat while operating. I have a couple of colleagues who bought these cold-pressed juice machines to make juices at home. Honestly speaking, the tastes are pretty much the same like the ones served at The Energy Kitchen. They taste slightly raw since no preservative or sugar are added.


Complimentary bread and dates. The bread was extremely nice albeit it wasn’t freshly baked from the oven at the time when we had it. The dipping sauce was even better. Perfect combination with the bread.


Tofu Summer Roll | B$6

This is Vietnamese Spring Rolls wrapped in rice paper with fillings of tofu, shredded vegetables, avocado, fresh mint and a dipping sauce of spicy cashew sauce. The rolls tasted very raw to me but when dipped with the spicy cashew sauce, they all balanced out.


Soba Salmon | B$19

As I was having a mild toothache recently, I opted for a less heaty dish. Hence I ended up with this Soba Salmon. At first, I thought this was some kind of soba noodle dish that comes with soup like the ones served in Japanese restaurants. But much to my surprise, the Soba Salmon comes in a dry version than I anticipated it to be.

The salmon fillets were poached with green tea while the broccoli were roasted. The soba, also known as buckwheat noodles were tossed with sesame dressings. It comes with a sweet, sour and slightly spicy taste. The dish may not look appealing to you. But trust me, this is one good dish albeit it may looks very bland to some of you. Both Jennifer and Sister tried the buckwheat noodles and they both agreed that it was nice.


Moroccan Lamb Meatballs | B$12

The lamb meatballs were succulent as mentioned on their menu. The meatballs were perfectly marinated and the flavors were just adequately done. The meatballs were topped with spicy tomato Harissa Sauce. The Moroccan Lamb Meatballs came with brown rice and a side salad of watercrest.


Alternative Chocolate Brownie | B$6.50

This was probably the smallest dessert which I had came across by far. The brownie was made out of 72% dark chocolate, avocado, pinto beans, dates and stewed prune sauce. To be honest, the three of us did not like this dessert and B$6.50 for such a small piece of brownie is steep.

Verdict: All in all, The Energy Kitchen is worth a try if you are into healthy food eating. Portion is slightly smaller than what you would get in other restaurants. But this is healthy food eating, which means eating moderately all the time. The Soba Salmon and Moroccan Lamb Meatballs are good. I so wanted to try their Lemongrass Wings but decided not to since I couldn’t eat much heaty food at the moment.

The Energy Kitchen
Ground Floor,
Fitness Zone Kiulap,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2233323


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