Baking #33: Baked Durian Cheesecake

For those of you who had been following this blog of mine regularly, you would have realized that I once blogged about Baked Durian Cheesecake. So when Sister was home from Melbourne couple of weekends ago, she requested me to bake her Baked Durian Cheesecake again in which she bought the durian herself while I bought the rest of the ingredients.

Instead of using the same recipe which I used previously, I Google-d and found myself another recipe. In the end, I realized that they are quite similar with each other but difference with the ingredients’ portions only. I could somehow understand why cheesecakes are sold at a steep price in most cafes. Reason being, the cost for an 8″ cheesecake is about B$20. Well, at least it was for my Baked Durian Cheesecake. And furthermore, the process is rather tedious as well.

Without further ado, let me guide you through to the ingredients and directions of making a Baked Durian Cheesecake.


Baked Durian Cheesecake (adapted from Noms I Must)



  • 210g McVities digestive biscuits
  • 105g unsalted butter (melted)


  • 500g cream cheese (room temperature)
  • 80g fine granulated sugar
  • 300g mashed durian flesh
  • 3 eggs
  • 85ml full cream milk
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch


  1. To make the base, you’ll need to crush the digestive biscuits into fine crumbs and pour melted unsalted butter over them. Stir them together and pour them into a greased and lined 8″ removable bottom baking tin and press evenly. Set aside.
  2. To make the filling, beat cream cheese and fine granulated sugar together until you get a smooth texture. It’s best to use cream cheese that had sit to room temperature so that it doesn’t take long to get the right texture.
  3. Pour in mashed durian flesh and beat until well combined.
  4. Mix in full cream milk and cornstarch until well incorporated. Remember to use low speed for this as the mixture will splatter all over if the speed is too high.
  5. Pour the durian cream cheese batter into the previous baking tin and bake in a preheated oven of 170 degree Celsius in bain marie or steam bath method for approximately 45 minutes.
  6. When baked, remove from oven and set aside to cool down before putting it into the fridge to set.


So, this was my final product of my previous bake of Baked Durian Cheesecake. Both Sister and Mom mentioned that this attempt had been more successful and improved compared to my first attempt.

Mom liked that the base was not as thick as compared to my first attempt while Sister liked it that the texture was smoother and durian taste was stronger. Albeit I am quite a fan of durian myself, but I did not try this the other day. LOL!

If you are a huge fan for durians and cheese, why not give this recipe a go? Happy trying!


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