Of Random Things #50

I visited my dentist again this morning after experiencing an excruciating pain yesterday evening while I was driving home from work. I had been procrastinating my visit to the dentist because I haven’t got the time to do so. So, I left home early this morning and drove straight to the dental clinic and waited for them to open for business for the day. There was another patient waiting before me.

So, I was second in the queue. The first patient was slightly unluckier than me. She was having this severe toothache whereby the dentist still couldn’t do the extraction yet as the infected area is still inflamed. From what I heard, this was her second visit. Guess that the antibiotic doesn’t kick in or the infected area is too severe that the antibiotic doesn’t work? When it was my turn, the dentist checked up on my wisdom tooth.

She mentioned that there is no cavity in the said area. So, she decided to do an X-Ray on the infected area for me to rule out all possibilities. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with my wisdom tooth. No cavity or hole. But the pain could have been derived from the cavity formed on my upper premolar. Reflex pain, they called it? But she also mentioned that my wisdom tooth is currently growing side ways filling up the space of the molar which I extracted two years ago and part of the tooth is currently resting on top of the nerve. And therefore, pressuring the nerves when I bite my food in that particular area. So, that could explain the pain as well.

In the end, the dentist advised me to fix my upper premolar as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get worst. She had also advised me to use dental floss in the meantime to floss out food residues that could have stuck in the gap between my molar and wisdom tooth. I think I am most likely to do an extraction for my upper premolar as Mom mentioned that root canal treatment may be a little risky if it was not done properly.

Anyways, enough ramblings about my teeth. I baked a Banana Chiffon Cake yesterday evening for Jia. She’s currently resting at home as she hasn’t been feeling well since yesterday.


Banana Chiffon Cake (click here to the link for the original recipe by DessertzHouse)

I reduced the sugar quantity from 120g to 100g as both Jia’s parents don’t consume much sweet food as compared to before. And furthermore, the bananas itself were sweet enough already.


This was my breakfast from the other day. Both parents did not ate much of my Ham, Mayo & Cheese Rolls as they both found my bread to be a little bit too hard and dry for them. To be honest, I myself found them to be rather dry as well. Hence, I steamed them warm before consuming it the next day. LOL! That way, I’ll have soft and fluffy Ham, Mayo & Cheese Rolls for breakfast!


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