29072014 – Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant, Kiulap

I had dinner just few a hours ago with two of my ex-classmates from CHMS as mentioned in my previous blog entry. I had stood the both of them up twice previously due to work commitment. So, I invited them this time round instead as it was always San Diann who made the approach to invite both Clara and I. I am lucky enough that the both of them turned out to be free.

While uploading the pictures onto my Facebook, I realized that this was the first time we had dinner together after the three of us left CHMS ten years ago. It somehow made me realized that I rarely keep in touch with my ex-classmates apart from the friends that I met during my college days. Anyways, it was fun catching up with each other lives tonight. I could do this often. LOL!

Anyways, food pictures ahead before I hit the sack …


Seafood Tom Yam | Green Curry Chicken | Pad Thai

The Seafood Tom Yam was good. It tasted sour and yet a little bit spicy at the same time. It was indeed an appetizing dish to start our dinner. The Green Curry Chicken was however a complete disappointment for me as I find the gravy to be a little bit too spicy for my liking. Both San Diann and Clara also agreed that the gravy tasted quite spicy to tolerate and we ended up with half as leftovers.


Mango Sliced Fish

This was cooked with chili paste sauce (I think) and sprinkled with some cashew nuts. There was nothing much to rave about this as I do not like the fish fillets much. I don’t think it was dory fish but still not good enough for me. Probably it was because I had too much fish in a day. We had about three dishes of fish this morning when having brunch at Ching Nam Fong with some colleagues.


Pandan Chicken

This was good. The chicken meat was juicy, soft and tender. And the sweet chili sauce compliments the Pandan Chicken well. You could always choose to have the Pandan leaves served as well. But I requested to have the staff removed the leaves for us instead of getting our fingers all oily.


Group picture of the three of us together to sort of “commemorate” our dinner together 10 years after we left CHMS. LOL!

Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant
No: 7A, Ground Floor,
Urairah Complex,
Lot 38564,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230316


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