01082014 – Burger King, Brunei

I got to leave work early today as I managed to finish my work in hand on time. I was feeling for a window shopping session but craving for Burger King at the same time. So, I Skype messaged Kaylie if she is free for dinner tonight. She told me that a church member of hers is coming over to her place to explain some insurance plans to both her and Kevin. She said she could only make it some time after eight.

Speaking from experience, insurance talk can never finish in within an hour. It turned out that I was right as they only finished near 9.30p.m. in the evening. But Kaylie made an early exit as she told the insurance planner that she is meeting me for dinner. In the end, Kevin was stuck at home listening to what the insurance planner has to offer.

I was already starving by the time Kaylie arrived Yayasan to pick me for Burger King. I went to the newly opened bubble tea franchise – T4 to get myself a cup of Green Tea Topped with Cream. Review on that shall come in another day. Kaylie arrived as I was placing order for my beverage. It turned out that I was only able to have a taste of the drink just a while ago after I arrived home and showered. Hahaha … xD

The reason why I had been wanting to try Burger King is that I was craving for their Spicy Chicken TenderCrisp. I tried it once few months ago but I bought it for takeaway and shared it with a few of my colleagues. Hence, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving back then. LOL!


Our dinner for tonight …


Drumlets | B$4.80

This was highly recommended by Kaylie. She said they are good but the size is small. Indeed the size was small but I don’t think there is anything special about these drumlets though. And they are freakin’ expensive. B$1.20 for a piece!


Spicy Chicken TenderCrisp

This was what I had for dinner tonight. I remembered the chicken fillets being extremely spicy the first time I tried it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as spicy as I remembered when I had it today. But nevertheless, it was good and appetizing as well. Kaylie ended up giving away the iceberg lettuce in her burger to me as she doesn’t take greens. LOL!


Chicken Crisp – Kaylie’s choice of burger for tonight.

The both of us took meal deal for our burgers. The meal deal came with a huge portion of fries. It was a lot more than what KFC offers when you opted for Value Meal. And furthermore, I like the fries from Burger King the most. I used to eat quite a lot of Burger King back when I was still studying in the United Kingdom (UK) as there is one outlet located just inside the Metro station in the city. LOL!

Burger King
Lot 49-50, Ground Floor,
Wisma Raya (Jalan Sultan),
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam


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