03082014 – May Fang Restaurant

Both Kaylie and I spent half a day together last Sunday afternoon whereby she had to bring her Siberian Husky – Kiero and another puppy of her colleague – Mimi out for grooming. According to Kaylie, Kiero needs supervision especially when Mimi is around. Kiero is extremely playful and active towards Mimi while Mimi is the reluctant one to play with Kiero.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to control Kiero out of it’s overly hyperactive state to the extent that Kaylie had to tie him with his own leash to the handheld at the back of the car. And he was yelping pitifully at the back of the car throughout the car ride to the groomer.

After tiring ourselves out for about an hour trying to tone Kiero down from it’s overly hyperactive state, both of us headed to May Fang Restaurant for a late lunch as I was craving for their 酒鸡汤面线. I was quite disappointed with their 酒鸡汤面线 in the end.


Iced Milo | B$1.50 & Hot Wheatgrass | B$1.50

I could barely finish my Hot Wheatgrass as the drink was too sweet for my liking and I ended up taking one sip only before deciding it was no good for me. In conclusion, plain warm water is good enough for me when having meals.


火腿炒饭 | B$4.00

This smelled good. But according to Kaylie, this lacks the “wok-hei” required.


酒鸡汤面线 | B$5.00

I went there for this and much to my disappointment, this wasn’t as good as I remembered. The broth was not as thick as it used to be anymore. But it did gives your body a heaty feeling as I was already sweating when I finished my bowl of 酒鸡汤面线. It would have been better they had given me chicken thigh parts instead of chicken breast parts.

May Fang Restaurant
No: 7 & 8, Ground Floor,
Latifuddin Complex,
Kampung Pengkalan Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2420685


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