Root Canal Treatment

If you had been following my blog closely, you would have known that I had this toothache whereby I had been contemplating between a tooth extraction or a root canal treatment. Click here to read about my dilemma. So, I decided to take a day off from work yesterday and drove myself to the National Dental Centre at Old Airport. I arrived some time before 7:30a.m. in the morning and there was already a short queue. I queued with number 7.

I was called in to meet the dentist some time after nine. I specifically requested for a male Chinese dentist. One of my colleagues recommended him as he had been treated by this dentist. I told him about my premolar with a hole and asked if filling is possible.

According to the X-Ray report that came out, filling is not possible but root canal treatment is. I then decided that I do not want root canal treatment but tooth extraction as I had read too many horrid experiences of others after they did root canal treatment. He said it’s best to keep as many natural teeth as possible and he assured me that root canal treatment is very safe and successful and the procedure will only take about 15 to 20 minutes the most.

So, I ended up doing root canal treatment. He injected some local anesthetic through my gums and asked me to wait outside in the waiting room until my gum and tooth were numb enough to be “operated”. If you are wondering how does a root canal treatment works, here’s a small summary from me to you based on what I experienced yesterday. After the local anesthetic injection had worked it’s charm, the dentist will start the “operation” by drilling a hole in your tooth.

Then the “scratching” of the sides in your tooth will take place to remove the abscess, I assume. And followed by the most nervous part of the “operation”, which is to remove the pulps of that particular tooth that was damaged. You might feel a small prickle of pain when that takes place but it shouldn’t be of much pain if the local anesthetic injected were sufficient enough for you to endure.

Throughout the “operation”, the dentist will spray some water into the “operated” tooth to clean the wound from time to time. So when the entire “operation had completed, some cotton wool will be stuffed into the tooth and a temporary filling is done until your next appointment for a permanent filling. That’s depending on the healing process. If an infection takes place, permanent filling is not possible until the infection has subsided.

If you are wondering if there is any pain after the root canal treatment, I did experienced an extremely mild pain when the painkiller that I took started to lose it’s effect. But of course, the pain from root canal treatment is a lot more bearable compared to a tooth extraction.

A reminder from me to those of you who intend to go for root canal treatment as well, do remember to take painkiller before the local anesthetic has loses it’s effect completely and every four hours to keep the pain at bay. Take Ibuprofen, if you have access to it. Ibuprofen works the best for me when having toothache. Panadol doesn’t work on me at all, not even Panadol ActiFast.


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