03082014 – Pasta Mania, Times Square

I attempted Coffee Cream Cheese Ogura Cake yesterday evening. But unfortunately, it wasn’t a success as the cake rose too high and ended up touching the metal rod on to the top of the oven. The top part of the cake was burnt with a hole and the oven was practically fuming when both Mom and I opened the cover of the oven. It somehow made me a little bit scared to attempt cakes other than chiffon cakes now.

I would usually bake cheesecake with bain marie method instead of steam bake. As the recipe which I used yesterday called for steam bake method, I followed as instructed in the recipe. With steam bake method, I would put a tray of hot boiling water on the very bottom rack of the oven and my cake would go into the middle rack. But with bain marie method, I will put the baking pan inside a bigger baking pan and fills it with hot boiling water before baking the cake on the lowest rack.

Anyways, I will give Coffee Cream Cheese Ogura Cake another go on this coming Friday again but with bain marie method as the cake smelled very good before it got burnt. LOL! *fingers crossed that I will succeed next time*

So, here comes what I am about to blog for today …

Both Kaylie and I had some snack time after she placed food orders at All Seasons, Times Square for the advanced celebration of her brother’s birthday. We had just finished our late lunch at May Fang Restaurant just about two hours or so before going to Pasta Mania, Times Square. Albeit the late lunch, both of us did not feel our tummies being full yet but we weren’t hungry either.

I was craving for French Fries the other day, so we headed to Pasta Mania to satisfy my craving. It’s a little bit weird that I was craving for French Fries the other day as it was quite rare that I will crave for starchy food.


Blue Ocean | B$3.60

Ordered by Kaylie. According to her, this tasted like a lime and starfruit concotion. To be honest, I found out that she is easily intrigued by drinks that come blue in color. I think there was also another drink which was blue in color from Depot V.LO Cafe and she ordered one to try as well. And Vancouver Canucks from Bistro Chez Fio. The drink was blue in color too.


Waffle Potato | B$3.90

Nothing special about this Waffle Potato but it was more than enough to get my craving for starchy food fixed! I did not order French Fries in the end as it was very likely that we will have half bowl of fries left by the end of the day. I was pretty amused by Waffle Potato hence got a plate for both Kaylie and I to share.

Pasta Mania, Times Square
Unit G8A – G10A,
Simpang: 13 – 29,
Jalan Berakas, Kampung Jaya Setia,
Mukim Berakas “A”,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2338061


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