Review: T4, Brunei

A new Taiwanese bubble tea franchise was established in Brunei for about a month or so on the Ground Floor of Yayasan. It is currently located where The Face Shop was located previously. I bought myself one of their beverages while I was waiting for Kaylie to pick me up for dinner at Burger King last Friday evening. Kaylie arrived as I was placing my order hence I could only take my first sip when I got home.


T4 is just located next to the service lift to the German Embassy. It’s very obvious if you are coming down via the stairs from the First Floor or when you are coming up from Hua Ho basement via the escalator. The shop size of T4 is not very spacious but it could accommodate quite a number of patrons. There were about 4 tables prepared for patrons who wish to enjoy their drinks in the shop or catch up with some friends.


Green Tea Topped With Cream | B$3.50

Special Request? None


Green Tea Topped With Cream | B$3.50

Special Request? 50% Sugar and 0% Ice

I did not get to make any special request for my Green Tea Topped With Cream on my first visit as I was on the phone with Kaylie at the time of ordering. I only realized about it when I finally got to enjoy my drink at home. Honestly speaking, full sugar level might be a little bit too sweet for majority of you. Well, at least it was to me. So, I reduced down by half on my second visit. It turned out that 50% was a little bit too bland for me but you get to taste the strong tea but with lesser sweetness. Perhaps I am gonna try reduce the sugar level to 80% only instead of 50%.

Albeit what I got was Green Tea, the drink tasted like Jasmine Tea Topped With Cream. I am not sure if I was having a weird taste bud or what, but the tea indeed tasted more like Jasmine Tea than Green Tea to me. The cream was okay but I think I preferred those from Gong Cha or those Rock Salt & Cheese series from Share Tea.

On my second visit to T4, I asked the staff if complimentary free WiFi is provided as I am thinking of surfing the net while reading my Kindle eBook of The Fault In Our Stars. The staff told me that they do have WiFi in house but she did not have the password for it or it is not accessible by patron yet. A short while later, a lady whom I assumed to be the Supervisor approached me and gave me the password to their WiFi. I liked their customer service as the staff was being attentive to customers’ needs and feedback them back to his/her superior. Good job!

Unit G13A, Ground Floor,
Yayasan Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam


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