Cooking Diary Day #24

Woke up at 7:00a.m. this morning to prepare the cooking ingredients for my lunch. The menu for today’s lunch is Stir Fry Big Onions in Soy Sauce and sprinkled with some deep fried mini anchovies. Learnt this recipe from a colleague of mine as well. Some of you may find big onions a little bit disgusting when eaten too much as it give a distinctive smell when you fart. LOL! Well, that’s from a Chinese saying. But eating big onions can help in removing the heat and gas in your body.

Anyways, I am never a big fan of big onions before until my colleague brought this to workplace and shared over lunch. Albeit I am more tolerant towards big onions nowadays, I still don’t eat Big Onions Omelette.


Stir Fry Big Onions in Soy Sauce

I used up a packet of big onions that came with two large size, two medium size and one small size. It wasn’t easy slicing them all without getting all teary. Is there any method of slicing that doesn’t make one go all teary? My colleague suggested adding two pieces of cili padi but I had completely forgotten about them.

The method of cooking this is generally very easy. First, you need to deep fry the mini anchovies. Do not wash away the sand of the tiny anchovies with water or else the they won’t turn crispy when deep fried. Get a kitchen towel and rub against them so that the sand will be separated from the anchovies. Deep fry them until they turned golden brown in color and look crispy. Use the remaining oil in the wok to stir fry the big onions as well and season the onions with soy sauce. If you are having cili padi as well, just toss them into the wok as you pour in big onions.

If you are a huge fan of big onions, perhaps this is something that you might wanna try next time? Happy trying!


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