Planet Popcorn, Brunei

So, this is a way overdue blog entry which I had already uploaded the pictures into my WordPress Media files but never gotten round to blog about it. I am pretty sure that majority of you had heard of Planet Popcorn before. Planet Popcorn is a Taiwanese franchise and it was brought into Brunei like more than a month ago. Both Sister and I came across this newly opened franchise shop when we were loitering around The Mall.

I remembered that there was once Ing bought a packet of their popcorn from Kuala Lumpur (KL) and she ended up giving me the whole packet when I told her that the popcorn tastes good. Their popcorn come with multiple flavors but I liked their Original flavor the most while Sister preferred their Seaweed flavor. I don’t mind getting myself another bucket of their Original flavor the next time I am going The Mall.


Planet Popcorn is located across Incomm (I think) and only a few shops away from Netcom Computer House. It’s extremely visible when you are taking the escalator from the first floor going to the second floor. Turn left when you are at the top of the escalator and you will see Planet Popcorn.


Planet Popcorn provides some samples for customers to try before they decide which flavors that they want to purchase. They have Original, Caramel, Seaweed and Kimchi. Both Sister and I tried all of them. Like I said, my first choice would always be Original. The difference between Planet Popcorn and those popcorn sold at cinema is that the former is not as greasy as compared to the latter. It’s like a healthier option for me.


I wonder if they already have Double Cheese and Double Chocolate flavors right now. I guess making a trip down to The Mall is mandatory if I wanna know the availability. Or is there anyone who has been to Planet Popcorn lately?


So, they have this loyalty card whereby they will give you a stamp for every product purchased. When you have accumulated all 10 stamps, you will be entitled a free pack popcorn. We bought a bucket of Original and a pack of Seaweed. I bought a bucket of Original for B$9.90 only as they were doing a promotion back then. The original price for a bucket is B$11.90.

Planet Popcorn
Unit 2.42(B), Second Floor,
The Mall, Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7268133


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