17082014 – Tea Box, Miri

Both Ing and I met at Tea Box, Miri last Sunday afternoon when I was in Miri for the day. We intended to have lunch together but I was rather full from my late breakfast that morning. So, the both of us skipped lunch and had tea break instead. Ing had an appointment around Pujut area on the same afternoon, so she suggested we meet somewhere nearby so that it will be easier for her to drive to her appointment venue.

She had been asking what I am craving for. Unfortunately, I wasn’t craving for anything at that point of time. I actually thought of Ajisen Ramen but am still full from my breakfast of Fried Kway Tiaw. I decided to give it a miss since I could still go for Ajisen Ramen when I am in Shanghai next month. In the end, we both settled with Tea Box at Boulevard Shopping Complex.


Royal Milk Tea | RM2.80

This used to be my all time favorite back when I was still studying in Miri. But unfortunately, the quality seems to have degraded over the years. I requested for my drink to be non sugar and ice cube. They served as per what I requested but the drink tasted completely bland.

And furthermore, the taste of Coffee Mate was extremely strong. Perhaps I am too used to the bubble tea drinks from ShareTea, Gong Cha and Ochado already. Even Ing herself mentioned that if you wanted a less sweet bubble tea beverage, it’s better at those Taiwanese franchise bubble tea outlets.


Cotton Cheesecake

This was not bad but I personally find the texture of the cake to be a little too dry for my liking. Taste wise, it was okay but it would have been better if the cheese taste wasn’t that strong.

Tea Box
Ground Floor,
Boulevard Shopping Mall,
Miri, Sarawak,
East Malaysia


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