Review: Flapjack House

It was slightly drizzling the time when I left work for Flapjack House for dinner with Clara and San Diann. Parents aren’t home for the week so I am lazy to cook meals for myself and resorted to having dinner outside with some friends. I was scrolling through my Instagram the other day when I found out about this new eatery place via Seng Yee’s Instagram. I thought Flapjack House is a cafe located outside Brunei but it turned out to be in Brunei.

Searched for it’s whereabouts and found out it was located behind Taureen Cafe, The Arch. To be more precise, it’s located on the same block as Golden Coffee Restaurant and right next to Cutepack Sdn. Bhd.

Anyways, I was surprised to enter a restaurant with no other patron apart from the two friends of mine who arrived earlier before me. We had the entire restaurant all to ourselves until we were about to leave the place and there were two other patrons who came in for a late dinner/supper.


Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday evening.


Lambilicious | B$9.90

I felt like having lamb meat, hence ordered myself a Lambilicious. Lambilicious was stated as Baa-Baa Burger on their menu but stated as Lambilicious on their receipt. The fries were nicely done, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The bun was toasted with butter spread, hence making the bun smelling nice. The lamb patty was only average to me though. It w as a little bit dry and rather too salty for my liking. Presentation was good though.


Chix Mushroom Rice | B$11.90

Clara ordered this way ahead before us as the waiter told her that this dish needed a preparation time of 15 minutes. It turned out that she waited more than 15 minutes before this was being served to her. We were told that their stove/oven was having a problem hence the cooking time got delayed. Portion wise, it was good enough for her. Neither too much nor too little. Taste wise, Clara thought it was only average but San Diann said it was good.


Chix Burger | B$8.90

Ordered by San Diann. Not sure what he thought of his dinner but I think he was okay with what he ordered.

Verdict: Our burgers were served promptly after we ordered apart from Clara’s Chix Mushroom Rice as they had some complications with their stove/oven. To be honest, I find their burgers to be of average only but it was definitely better than what I had at Twisted Burger, Miri last Sunday afternoon with Alan. I don’t mind returning to Flapjack House next time but not for their burgers. Perhaps pasta next time?

San Diann will never give selfie time a miss whenever meeting friends for dinner. LOL! So, here’s what we took at Flapjack House after we finished our dinner.


This picture turned out that both San Diann and I were looking at different directions towards the camera while Clara was the only one who looked at the camera! LOL!


And this one was so much nicer …

Flapjack House
Shop 6, Lot 12396,
Bangunan Majid Mohamad,
Jalan Pasar Baru,
Kampung Kiarong,
BG1318, Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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