Cooking Diary Day #28

I stopped cooking for approximately a week or so as Dad wasn’t in town last week and I couldn’t be bothered to cook for myself. He came home the day before and I had to start cooking as he had to eat lunch at home. I had sort of promised my colleague that I will cook a pot of Chicken Curry for them yesterday but I got lazy as I did not have the time to go out for grocery shopping. They kept on asking where was my Chicken Curry, so here it is …


Chicken Curry

Don’t you think this look quite promising for a first attempt? LOL! Well, it tasted tad bit spicy for some but quite okay for me when I had it as breakfast with plain white bread. The meat were tender as I used the parts from a chicken leg. I used the entire packet of coconut extract so the broth tasted a bit rich and flavorful at the same time. Not healthy for health conscious people but I only cook this once in a blue moon.

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