Cooking Diary Day #29

I’ll be in Shanghai in three days time! I haven’t started packing yet as Mom borrowed my luggage for her hometown returning trip. I guess I can only start packing on the night before as that’s the day when she will be returning home. I did nothing much today but I went to town to have manicure and pedicure done before my trip to Shanghai as my ingrown nails were starting to hurt my toes.

I intended to do grocery shopping after lunch as it was congested at Hua Ho, Kiulap in the morning so I decided to return home instead. I settled with staying home in the afternoon as it was too hot to go out and my time of the month is giving me quite a cramp as well. But I am gonna go grocery shopping later after dinner as there is nothing much in the fridge which I could cook for vegetarian dishes.

Anyways, I had finished cooking dinner just a while ago. There was no planning on what to cook and I’ll just make something from what I could find in the fridge. There was a bittergourd but I am not much of a fan of bittergourd when I am having the time of the month. Too cold for the body in terms of superstitious saying.


Stir Fry Tomatoes with Cocktail Sausages & Scrambled Eggs

It’s pretty much the same as what I cooked previously but I added an extra ingredient this time round. There were only three small tomatoes in the fridge. So, I decided to add the cocktail sausages for a much more filling dinner. LOL!


Stir Fry Cucumber with Egg

This was what I cooked yesterday morning for lunch. You must be wondering why are there eggs in majority of my dishes. I was intending to clear all the eggs in my fridge as Dad bought them quite some time ago when I needed to bake three cakes in one night. It turned out that I did not do much baking after the three bakes. Hence, I still have quite a few eggs left in the fridge.


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