11092014 / Estado Puro, Shanghai

It’s a few days since I came home from my one week holiday to Shanghai. Mom will be flying over to Shanghai again at the end of this month. I think the family and I traveled a lot ever since we moved into the new house. There is at least a member of the family pushing luggage out of the front door every month.

Anyways, Sister and I went for Spanish dinner on my second night in Shanghai. We were completely clueless of where we should be heading for dinner and then we came across an area whereby they serve international cuisines. They do have some authentic cuisines in the area. It’s an area whereby you will see a lot of expatriates gathering for dinner or drinks.

We were choosing among Element Fresh, Blue Frog, Estado Puro and another Italian restaurant which I couldn’t remember the name. We decided on Estado Puro in the end. The pricing at Estado Puro is around mid range but some of their main courses could be expensive. We ordered tapas instead of main course so that we could try varieties of their dishes.



Anyways, food pictures ahead …


Classic Mojito | RMB88

Both Sister and I ordered Mojito each. I had Classic Mojito while she had Sherbet Mojito. I personally find Classic Mojito had a stronger taste of alcohol compared to Sherbet Mojito. Both Sister and I interchanged our drinks in the end but decided that we couldn’t finish our drinks as we had to take supplements after our dinner.


Smoked Salmon & Pineapple Salad | RMB55

This was good as it was really appetizing. The salad came with pineapple chunks and smoked salmon. I couldn’t be sure if the pineapple chunks were fresh but I assumed they were as preserved pineapple chunks are usually very sweet. This one was however rather sour. The smoked salmon was good as well. They weren’t thin sliced but rather thick in my opinion.


Spicy Wings | RMB 58

The wings were fingers licking good! The wings tasted a little bit spicy and yet sweet at the same time. The accompanying dipping sauce was good as well. Perfect combination with the wings. I am not sure what sauce it was but probably tartar sauce.


Fried Eggplants | RMB50 & Patatas Bravas | RMB50

The Fried Eggplants were good but Patatas Bravas were only average to me as I am not a huge fan of potatoes. French fries, yes but not whole potato. The Fried Eggplants were lightly fried with light batter. The outside was a little bit crunchy and yet extremely soft on the inside. Tasted awesome when dipped with the accompanying dipping sauce!


Seafood Fritters | RMB60

A seafood platter with combination of calamari rings, fish fillets and small shrimps. The calamari rings were a little overcooked in my opinion. Small shrimps were crunchy though. Fish fillets were average to me. But at least, they weren’t using frozen dory fish.

Estado Puro
Unit 3, First Floor,
Building 22, North Plaza,
181 Taichang Lu (Near Huangpi Nan Lu),
Tel: +86-2163858001


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