Shanghai Day #1 (Part 2) & Day 2

Continuing Part 1 …

After getting a temporary dinner fix at 苏州汤包, both Sister and I headed over to Raffles City. We had our second round of dinner at 家有好面 (Gourmet Noodle House), which is located on the basement floor of Raffles City. Majority basement floor of shopping malls in China are food court. You can find variation of food there.

According to Sister, this restaurant is usually full house during lunch period as their pricing are decent and affordable enough for the normal working people in Shanghai. You can get a big bowl of noodles at the price of about RMB23 only, which is roughly B$5. B$5 for a bowl of noodles may seem a little bit steep for us but it is cheap for Shanghai cost of living.



The customer turnover in the restaurant is very fast. Hence, you don’t have to wait long for a table. Thank goodness, we were not being given high stool chairs.


咸蛋黄狮子头猥面 | RMB23


狮子头 is one of the common food in China. 狮子头 is made out of pork meat with a lot of pork fats and rolled into round shapes. It is quite nice but you will get sick of it if you had too much as pork fats could be sickening when overdose. There was a salted egg that came with the 狮子头. The noodles weren’t overcooked but the broth was a little bit too salty for both Sister and I.


红豆果仁豆花 | RMB6

We thought this is like the local Tauhu Hua that we have in Brunei. But much to our surprise, this is actually a tofu pudding and topped with red bean mixture. The red bean mixture was extremely sweet. Both Sister and I finished all the tofu pudding but left some of the red beans mixture.

19-20, Basement 1 Floor,
Raffles City,
268 Xi Zhang Middle Road,
Tel: +86-2163403333


I enrolled myself for a baking trial course at ABC Cooking Studio after we were done with our dinner. Sister told me that there is this baking studio which I might be interested in since there is nothing much that I could do in Shanghai apart from shopping and food hunting while she is at work. A baking trial course costs me RMB100 and I was being given three choices to choose from to learn in my baking trial class. There were Orange Chiffon Cupcakes, Matcha Layer Cake and Curry Bacon Buns.

I chose Curry Bacon Buns as I was desperate to know why my dough ended up sticking to the rolling pin whenever I tried to bake bread with the breadmaker. There is no machine provided in the baking trial course. All bread making were hand kneaded. My arms were a little sore after my baking trial course but my buns were successful!


The final outcome of my Curry Bacon Buns!


This was how the texture of my bun looked like on the inside. It’s yellowish in color as curry powder was added as one of the ingredients. Albeit no bread improver was used in the ingredients, the buns stayed soft till the next morning. I am gonna reuse the recipe again next time but I might do a little bit of amendment here and there with the ingredients.


Enjoyed my Curry Bacon Bun with a cup of instant coffee while watching some Cantonese drama series which I transferred to my iPad before leaving for Shanghai.

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