Review: innisfree Natural Essential Mask Cucumber

It had been quite some time since I last reviewed on facial sheet mask. I still have quite a few of them in my skincare stash drawer but never gotten round to use them. I am just plain lazy especially when my skin condition had been good to me for quite some time already.

While I was window shopping at iAPM, Shanghai last Monday morning, I came across an innisfree outlet. innisfree is very common in Shanghai. Majority malls that I went to has an innisfree outlet inside comparing to other Korean brands of skincare products. I heard quite a lot of innisfree products are good but I did not get any apart from this facial sheet mask which I am about to review.


innisfree Natural Essential Mask Cucumber

I only used this facial sheet mask on the second night after I bought it. I bought two pieces of the same product. One was for me and the other one was for Sister. I am not sure if she had used hers as I still see it inside the fridge on the day when I left the hotel room for the airport. As usual, I would keep the facial sheet mask inside the fridge couple of hours before usage. That way, the facial sheet mask will give a cooling effect during application and minimizes pore size at the same time. I doubt the latter works but it is better than nothing. LOL!

innisfree Natural Essential Mask Cucumber was pre-soaked with cucumber infused essence. The essence wasn’t as generous as compared to some of the other Taiwanese brands of facial sheet masks which I had tried previously. But it was more than enough for my face. I liked that the essence doesn’t drip throughout the whole time when I had the facial sheet mask on my face. I can still watch drama series from my iPad without having to bother about essence dripping from the facial sheet mask.

The texture of the facial sheet mask is thin but it doesn’t tear easily. Thin textured facial sheet mask sticks onto the skin easily compared to thicker texture. That’s what I believe but I am not sure if it applies on your skin though. Fragrance is subtle as I couldn’t smell much scent while I had the facial sheet mask on my face.

The product claims to target devitalized skin by providing your skin with outstanding soothing effects and moisture. You must be wondering if it works as it claimed to be? Honestly speaking, I think it did have good soothing effects but not outstanding enough though. Moisture level was good too as my skin was soft and supple after using the said sheet mask. And the best thing of all, it did not cause any breakout on my skin.

So, here’s what I think of innisfree Natural Essential Mask Cucumber in a nutshell:

1. Subtle fragrance.
2. Good soothing effects.
3. Moisture level is good.
4. Essence doesn’t drip during application.
5. Fits and stick on my skin well enough.
6. Didn’t breakout on my skin.

1. Bit expensive for a basic range of facial sheet mask.
2. innisfree not available in Brunei.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: RMB15

Repurchase? Yeah!


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