14092014 / Boxing Cat Brewery, Sinan Mansions

I still have quite a lot of food posts which I had yet created and posted up on this blog. But I will try to get them done as soon as possible before the details faded away from my memory. Before I depart to Shanghai from Brunei, I had been Google-ing highly raved cafes/restaurants in Shanghai. One of them which came up on the list was this Boxing Cat Brewery.

There are two branches of Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai. One of which is at Sinan Mansions and the other one is at Fu Xing Road West. We went to the one at Sinan Mansions as it’s nearer to Le Royal Meridien Shanghai. We took a cab from the hotel to Sinan Mansions. Cab fare was about RMB26, if I am not mistaken. Boxing Cat Brewery is also accessible via Metro but it will be another 20 minutes walking distance from South Shaanxi Road Station. South Shaanxi Road Station is the station to iAPM and Parkson.


If you had been watching 爸爸回来了, you will probably recognize Sinan Mansions as it was the place where all four fathers and their kids stayed on their last two episodes of the season. It’s a relaxing area and not forgetting to mention, expensive as well. The entire road is full of trees. Hence, giving a relaxing impression. But this is only applicable during summer as I had seen pictures of the trees being bold on Google. LOL!


One of the “mansion” in Sinan Mansions …


There are a lot of bistros, western restaurants and dessert cafes around Sinan Mansions. And majority of them serve expatriates. At least, I saw a lot of expatriates dining in the area when we were there for late lunch. There is a cafe called La Brioche which we wanted to try before we had our lunch at Boxing Cat Brewery. But we gave it a miss in the end as we were extremely full from our late lunch.


We had actually wanted to try Boxing Cat Brewery on my second or third night in Shanghai. We were afraid that we were not able to get a table without reservation for dinner. So, we decided to try out the place in the afternoon when we just arrived Shanghai from Nanjing.


Ground floor is mostly for patrons who wish to have a drink only. Patrons who wish to have main course will be asked to move to the first floor. I guess their kitchen is located on the first floor. They were serving brunch menu until 3:00p.m. in the afternoon. We only had about three to eight minutes to choose from their brunch menu if we wish to try their brunch.




Moving on to the food pictures! The food portion at Boxing Cat Brewery was quite generous in my opinion. And ingredients used were fresh.


Brunch Latte | RMB15

I think this was a normal Cafe Latte which I ordered. I ordered a brunch meal and it comes with a drink of choice for RMB15 only. The selections were limited to coffee, tea and juice only, if I am not mistaken. Not bad but not the best latte which I had ever tested. The accompanying cookie was dry and it must be dipped into the coffee. I only took a bite of the cookie and ditched the remaining. LOL!


Pineapple Juice | RMB15

Sister’s choice of drink!


Complimentary toasted Wholemeal bread with butter!


Short Rib Griddled Sweet Potatoes Hash | RMB85

This was Sister’s choice of lunch. It came with two sunny sides up, grilled okra and a short rib hash. It was made out of sweet potatoes into a hash and mixed with beef. According to Sister, the accompanying sauce on the side was Tabasco and it was extremely spicy.


New Orleans Benedict | RMB75

This was my choice of breakfast. It came with two egg benedicts, BBQ pulled pork, rocket leaves, grilled okra and cheese grits. If you are wondering how cheese grits tasted like, it is creamy in texture. It was a bit like mashed potatoes but chunkier in texture. A bit sickening if having too much as cheese was used as one of the ingredients in the making. The BBQ pulled pork tasted good with a mild spiciness in it. The eggs were poached perfectly with runny egg yolks oozing out onto the BBQ pulled pork.

Boxing Cat Brewery
Unit 26A, Sinan Mansions,
51-521 Fu Xing Road Central,
Tel: +86-2164260360


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