Of Random Things #53 – Shanghai

I am supposed to do a second blog entry for today covering on my yesterday’s bake of Orange Chiffon Cake, adapted from Cooking Crave. Unfortunately for me, the cake was half torn when I was unmoulding it from the pan. Some of the parts were nice but some were looking awful.

I honestly believed that I had used the wrong chiffon pan size. I should have used my largest size chiffon pan. Don’t worry, I shall try it again in another day. I have quite a list of cakes lining up to be tried and tested.

Instead of covering on my Orange Chiffon Cake, I will be covering on the random pictures which I took while I was in Shanghai two weeks ago. There are food, landscapes and selfies as well. I don’t think I will be updating them by chronological order, probably by what I remember the most. LOL!


Takoyaki | RMB20

Takoyaki is very common in China. You may think that it’s a Japanese food. It is indeed a Japanese food but pretty common in China as well. I couldn’t remember if this was RMB20 or RMB25. But I remembered it being RMB20, which I find rather steep for 6 pieces of octopus balls.

I only had Takoyaki twice while I was in Shanghai as Sister doesn’t fancy it as much as I do. These Takoyaki are harder and drier than I imagined. But it was good enough to fill a growling stomach. I got these Takoyaki from one of the food kiosks on the basement floor of Raffles City, Shanghai.


This was the view that we got on my second week stay at Le Royal Meridien Shanghai. The first room which I stayed in overlooked the view of The Bund very clearly. There was still the view of The Bund from this picture but in a distant. The good thing about this room is that it’s quieter compared to the one which had a clear view of The Bund.


I got a new casing for my iPhone 5S. I quite like my previous casing but it had cracks on the side when I accidentally dropped my iPhone 5S on a couple occasions. I couldn’t remember how much I got this but I think it was around RMB48 as I remembered paying RMB50 and got RMB2 change. And worse, I don’t remember where I bought it from. It was from a gift shop actually and majority of their products are expensive apart from some iPhone casings and key holders.


Grilled Chicken Carbonara Pasta | RMB28

This was the worst plate of carbonara pasta which I had ever eaten. Frankly speaking, I can do even better than this. I went Papa John’s alone for late lunch after both Sister and I checked out from Le Royal Meridien Shanghai. She returned back to work while I hung around outside until it was time for us to leave Shanghai for Nanjing. I was craving for some carbonara pasta so I ordered this.

Got the shock of my life when it was presented to me. Most unappealing plate of Grilled Chicken Carbonara Pasta! Stingy portion of grilled chicken and mushroom. Pasta seems to be rather overcooked in my opinion. But what can you expect from a RMB28 plate of Grilled Chicken Carbonara Pasta?


香浓摩卡 | RMB22

Had this at Secret Recipe, Raffles City Shanghai. Another disappointment hit me when I saw this being served. No saucer to hold the cup like what we have here in Secret Recipe, Brunei. And the worse thing, they used an almost 7″ long of coffee spoon rather than the usual short one. The taste was average only in which I find a little peppermint taste in my coffee.

Dining at Secret Recipe in Shanghai is like dining at a local kopitiam in Brunei. So, I guess you could fairly understand my disappointment. According to Sister, it is hard to find a cafe/restaurant in China that doesn’t serve you plates with chips on their plates. Even five stars restaurants serve plates with chips or cracks.


Durian Durian | RMB28

Got overcharged for this. This was supposed to be RMB28 only but they charged me RMB10 extra for the price of a Durian Cheesecake! Did not realize about the overcharge until days later.


Banana Cream Crepe | RMB24

I got this from Bacio Crepe, Nanjing while I was waiting for my appointment of body massage at Pathway Spa. I was craving for crepe and this was not even close to what I had before. There was one I had in Shanghai couple of years ago which was made exactly the same like how we made it back at Timez Coffee few years ago. And by few years ago, I meant almost 10 years ago. LOL! But the crepe shop which I patron before in Shanghai was no longer in business.


Dorayaki | RMB24

I got these Dorayaki from Burger King in Nanjing. According to Sister, these Dorayaki from Burger King are good. They were just average to me though. Probably because I did not like the filling that came with. It was Lemon Cream Cheese. And I had better before too!


Selfie at Burger King while waiting for my time to come for my body massage appointment at Pathway Spa.


Refreshment upon arrival at Pathway Spa.



Came across an Uncle Tetsu outlet at Deji Plaza, Nanjing. Much to my surprise, there was no queue at all hence we were able to get our Japanese Cotton Cheesecake fast. It was selling for RMB39 per piece in about 7″ size. The reason why we bought it was solely because I wanted to know how my version of Japanese Cotton Cheesecake differs from Uncle Tetsu’s. Turned out that it was about the same. Soft and moist but the ones at Uncle Tetsu had a stronger milk taste compared to mine.


Both Sister and I got ourselves ice-cream from Haagen Daaz in a shopping mall behind Fraser Suite, Nanjing. Sister had a discount voucher worth RMB40 and we only paid extra RMB18 for two scoops of ice-cream. I think two scoops of ice-cream cost RMB58. But the staff was nice enough to separate our ice-creams into two cups! I had Cookie & Cream while Sister had Blueberry. They were nice but a little bit too sweet though.




Sister brought me to iAPM after our late lunch at Boxing Cat Brewery, Sinan Mansions on the day when we arrived Shanghai from Nanjing. There are Snoopy collections on display throughout the Ground Floor of iAPM. The display previously was grander than this but it was better than nothing. Cute, don’t they?



And I had the best Portuguese Egg Tart that I had ever tried. It was from Lilian Bakery. Sister highly recommended Lilian Bakery to me on my first day in Shanghai but I never gotten round to try until the night when we were returning to the hotel from iAPM. It was expensive though. RMB5 for a piece but it was well worth it. The crust was flaky, just like how I liked it to be. The egg filling tasted egg, milky and sweet at the same time. Perfect is the word for it.

If you are a huge fan of Portuguese Egg Tart, do try this if you ever come across a Lilian Bakery. I heard it is available in West Malaysia though. Lilian Bakery is very common in China. You can easily spot one in majority malls or even Metro stations!


McDonald McSpicy Chicken | RMB18

I had McDonald McSpicy Chicken as breakfast on one of the mornings when I went iAPM for window shopping alone. I actually wanted to go Ippudo. But unfortunately, they aren’t open until 11:00a.m. in the morning. My stomach was growling in protest so I went McDonald for my breakfast fix.


小杨生煎 | RMB6

These were so freakin’ good and I regretted not trying them earlier until the second last day of my stay in Shanghai. I had actually found an outlet in Nanjing but the queue was too long as I wasn’t in the mood for such food back then. So, when I found 小杨生煎 in one of the shopping malls in 南京西路, I decided to join the queue and bought two boxes to try. One for me and the other one for Sister.

小杨生煎 is basically like the typical 小笼包 that you can find across China. But the differences between 小杨生煎 and 小笼包 are that the former had a thicker skin texture compared to the latter and they were pan fried on the bottom. Please be careful when you are taking the first bite as there will be soup juice spurting out from the dumpling itself and they are piping hot as well!

I highly recommend you to try 小杨生煎 if you ever come across one while in China. Trust me, you will definitely love them as much as I do.


Bought a Korean made full cream milk from City Super at iAPM. It was not cheap, roughly about B$2.50 per bottle. It tastes almost alike the ones that we have here in Brunei but this Korean made full cream milk is sweeter.


Another selfie taken in the hotel room. Super love the lighting of the room during the day. Officially my profile picture in majority of my social media apps. LOL!


Sister and I tried Momi & Toy’s at IFC Shanghai. It is a dessert shop selling Japanese style crepes. This crepe texture is thinner and softer compared to the one from Bacio Crepe. But there was too much cream topping. I should have asked for lesser cream topping.


My luggage when returning from Shanghai to Brunei. I brought a cabin sized luggage with me to Shanghai. It was slightly heavier than the time when I arrived Shanghai as I had bought quite a lot of toiletries and skincare products. Sister suggested that I bring some of my clothes as hand carry so that my luggage will be lighter.

I insisted on stuffing everything in so that I don’t have to carry a hand carry duffel bag after check-in. Thank goodness that there wasn’t much staircase climbing throughout my journey from Le Royal Meridien Shanghai to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.


Another selfie taken while waiting for the Maglev Train to arrive.


Maglev Train approaching the station.

If you are wondering what’s the difference between Maglev Train and the normal Metro in Shanghai, let me briefly explain to you based on my understanding. Maglev Train only travels between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Longyang Station. The journey between Longyang Station to Shanghai Pudong International Airport takes roughly about 30 minutes via Metro as it stops at multiple stations in between.

But if you are taking Maglev Train instead, the journey time duration will be shortened by more than half the time as it doesn’t stop in between stations. In short, it will only take you less than 8 minutes to reach Longyang Station rather than the 30 minutes via the normal Metro.


The normal ticket fare for a single journey will cost you RMB50 but you will be given a special rate of RMB40 only if you present your boarding pass or your ticket itinerary at the time of ticket purchasing.


Maglev Train travels by 430km/h on the fastest speed. Hence, it could reach Longyang Station or Shanghai Pudong International Airport within 8 minutes rather than 30 minutes via Metro.

So, this basically sums up my random pictures taken in Shanghai which I did not bother to make separate blog entries for each and every of them. Hope that you had not fallen asleep by the end of this entry.


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