13092014 / Blue Frog Bar & Grill, Nanjing

I am not here to show you pictures of a blue colored frog but a bistro restaurant in Nanjing which is known as Blue Frog Bar & Grill. You might think it is weird to name a restaurant after a frog or what not. I was pretty skeptical about the food but Sister claimed that the food there are good and up to standard. So, there we went for our late lunch. The bistro restaurant was pretty much half crowded at the time when we were there. We were there about 4:30p.m. in the afternoon.


The restaurant was decorated with blue lighting as the theme of the restaurant. The restaurant was named as Blue Frog so it is pretty obvious that the restaurant is gonna be blue themed. Customer service was good in my opinion. We were led to a table nearly at the back of the restaurant. Majority of the tables and chairs in the restaurants are high stool. All staffs are English literate hence there is no need to worry whether the staff can understand English if you do not speak Chinese.


Blue Frog is literally translated into Chinese as 蓝蛙.

Anyways, let’s get move on to the food pictures!


Banana Milkshake | RMB35

I was so worried that the server might get me a Vanilla Milkshake instead of a Banana Milkshake as the pronunciation was almost similar. If you are wondering why I was being rather paranoid back then, here’s a little recap to the story of my paranoia. LOL!

There was once Kaylie and I had tea break at Bistro Chez Fio, Brunei about a year ago. I ordered for a Banana Milkshake but I got a Vanilla Milkshake instead when served. I did not bother to return it or have it changed. So, I just stick with the Vanilla Milkshake. But thankfully, the server at Blue Frog got my order right.


Salmon Mushroom Pasta | RMB90

I had pasta as I was craving for one. And furthermore, Blue Frog Bar & Grill serves the kind of pasta that I am after. I like salmon, mushroom and penne. Three of my favorite food in one bowl. Heaven goodness! My favorite kind of pasta is actually penne among all and followed by linguine.

The penne was cooked al dente, just perfect for my liking. The mushroom however was sauteed with vinegar or something sour as it tasted a little bit sour but appetizing at the same time. Salmon was soft and the portion was generous too. The sauce was creamy and the portion was adequate unlike some other pastas which I had before that made you go sick by the time you finished the entire plate of pasta.


Teppanyaki Salmon Sliders | RMB98

This was Sister choice of late lunch. I had one piece of the mini burger and it was good. The salmon fillets were grilled nicely.


Teppanyaki Salmon Sliders up close …

Verdict: I liked both the ambiance and customer service provided at Blue Frog Bar & Grill. The food exceeded my expectations and they were all good. Pricing may be a little bit steep if compared by Brunei’s standard. A bowl of my Salmon Mushroom Pasta is about B$18.75 when converted to Brunei currency. It was well worth it in my opinion as I liked my bowl of pasta very much.

If you are in China and happened to come across this bistro restaurant, do give it a try if budget isn’t your main concern. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Blue Frog Bar & Grill
Nanjing IST
Nanjing IST Shop A111,
First Floor,
IST Mall, No: 100,
Zhongshan Road,
Xuanwu District, Nanjing,
Tel: +86-2585656022


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