Review: Mama Wong’s, Brunei

Kaylie and I decided to meet up for dinner yesterday evening since she had no commitment for the night and I needed to do grocery shopping at Supa Save, Gadong. I made both Dad and I Penne Bolognese again this morning but substituted minced chicken with pork bacon! It tasted really good and it would have been better if I used up all button mushrooms instead of using only three pieces. They were expensive, about B$4.60 for 6 pieces.

So, back to Mama Wong’s. Jia had been telling me that the Fish & Chips served at Mama Wong’s were good but the only downside was that the place doesn’t come equipped with air-conditioning system. They indeed do not have air-conditional but they do have a standing air cooler though. I do not have any picture taken of the restaurant itself but only the food. Kaylie and I were the only customers at the time when we arrived but the restaurant started to fill up with patrons slowly.


Beef Burger & Chips | B$6.95

This was what Kaylie ordered for dinner yesterday evening. She only managed to finish half of the burger, not because the beef burger wasn’t good but she dislikes burgers that come with mustard sauce. The chips were freshly cut and deep fried instead of serving with the frozen ones which you could get from any grocery stores in town. But unfortunately, the chips were on the soggy side for the both of us.


Traditional Fish & Chips | B$10.95

I think the price for Traditional Fish & Chips had increased compared to before. If I am not wrong, it was priced at B$7.95 previously. My Traditional Fish & Chips came with a large piece of deep fried battered fish, generous portions of chips, skimpy amount of tartar sauce and a small slice of lemon.

As I mentioned earlier, the chips were soggy but I managed to finish majority of it with ketchup. Instead of the usual frozen dory fish, Mama Wong’s used cod for their Traditional Fish & Chips. It was deep fried to perfection in a thick batter. The batter was crunchy and the texture of the cod fillet was soft and smooth.

Verdict: I personally do not think there is anything special about their Fish & Chips apart from the fact that they use cod instead of dory. I like the crunchy batter though but not so much of the soggy chips.

I was welcomed with a rather unpleasant sight when entering the restaurant. The flooring of the restaurant was filled up with “flies”. Not housefly but the kind of flies which only come out after it rained. I saw that some of the dining tables were also filled with the carcass of those “flies” as I was on my way to the washroom. Quite an unpleasant sight for a restaurant, don’t you think so? I personally find the ventilation system not to be good enough as both Kaylie and I came out of the restaurant smelling of grease and oil.

Customer service is good but I find it to be a little bit inconsistent as there was one notice on the wall whereby it mentioned that there will be no table order. Patrons will have to make their orders over the counter, pay for them and food will be brought over shortly after. But the staff did table order for the patrons on the next table!

Mama Wong’s
B25, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Habza,
Simpang: 150,
Kampung Kiarong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-7263878


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