Today’s Breakfast #17: Kolo Mee & Braised Pork Belly

Mom came home from Shanghai yesterday evening and I could sleep in until it is about time to get ready for work this morning. There is no need to wake up earlier to prepare breakfast and lunch until the next time Mom goes Shanghai or returns to Kuching to visit grandma.

Mom made me Kolo Mee with the leftover dry noodles, accompanied with side dish of Braised Pork Belly which she cooked this morning.


Homemade Kolo Mee & Braised Pork Belly

Anyways, I had been watching this American drama series called Once Upon A Time for almost a week and it is nice. Quite addictive, to be honest. But the storyline may be a bit confusing at times but still good. I am still on Season 1 but I had downloaded up to the latest season and episode. I am trying to catch up with the downloading ever since my CPU came back from the “hospital”. LOL!


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