14102014 / PRONTO & Dim Sum, Times Square

I had my day off last Tuesday instead of the usual Sunday. A colleague is outstation and I had to cover his shift. So, I moved my own rest day to Tuesday for the time being until he is back. Kaylie and I arranged to meet up for lunch on Tuesday after our dinner at Mama Wong’s last Friday evening. It turned out that Kaylie herself forgotten about the arrangement to meet up for lunch. She kept on thinking that we are meeting for dinner instead.

When we met, she told me that she felt that she had forgotten something but couldn’t seems to come around what she had forgotten until I messaged her telling her that I will meet her at the food court in Times Square. Lucky for her, her office is nearby hence she is able to reach Times Square in a short period.

I had heard from friends that there is a new stall opening at the food court in Times Square selling Italian cuisine like pastas. And at affordable pricing too! Pricing was reasonable to me based on the portion and given that all their pastas were freshly made.


Al Funghi | B$6.90

The pasta selections for Al Funghi were limited to linguine and fettuccine, if I don’t recall wrongly. I chose linguine as it is not as thick and broad size as fettuccine. I personally find linguine goes better with carbonara better than other kind of pasta. Fettuccine is okay too but not my top favorite with carbonara.

The pasta was cooked al dente and the carbonara sauce was done just nicely with the right flavoring. You can choose to request for an extra creamy carbonara sauce with an add on of B$0.50. I chose to stay away from extra creamy sauce as it might make you go sick when having too much creamy sauce.

I don’t mind returning to PRONTO again but I am considering trying out their Duck Ragu next time. Have you guys tried it?

Are you wondering where PRONTO is located? PRONTO is located in the food court of Times Square, just next to the stall of Vietnamese Pho Real.


Chicken Wantan | B$2.20


Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun | B$2.20

I am never a huge fan for dim sum but I was a little hungry while waiting for Kaylie to arrive. So, I ordered myself these two dim sum to fill up my slightly hungry tummy until Kaylie arrives for PRONTO.

The Chicken Wantan was a huge disappointment for me. I think it was probably due to exposure to air hence making the “popiah” skin to go hard rather than crunchy. Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun was okay though with generous soy and “belacan” sauce.


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