21102014 / Fuchow Restaurant

After having successfully baked my Dried Cranberries Muffin yesterday afternoon, I am very tempted to try other flavors of muffins. I used to bake too much of chiffon cakes to the extent that my colleagues were sick of them already. I had quite a lot of overripe bananas at home and I am intending to make them into muffins. But the only problem I have at the moment is which recipe that I should be using.

Anyways, I baked 12 Dried Cranberries Muffins yesterday afternoon and gave 6 pieces to our neighbors when they were just out from the oven, three for colleagues and remaining three for home consumption. The muffins were still soft this morning, may be a little bit tough on the top but still soft on the inside. My colleagues said the muffins were nice but the dried cranberries might have overwhelmed the taste of butter in the muffins. I personally preferred a less buttery taste though. But anyways, I will try to tweak a little bit with my future muffin bakes! So, stay tune if you are interested.


Kaylie and I had lunch at the newly opened Fuchow Restaurant in Kiulap. I am not sure when was it exactly opened for business but all I knew was that it wasn’t long ago. I arrived at the said restaurant before the lunch crowd started rolling in and waited approximately 15 minutes for Kaylie to arrive. Fuchow Restaurant is located just next to R&T Electronics and on the block behind CF King.


Lime Plum Juice | B$3.00

I got myself a glass of Lime Plum Juice yesterday as I was craving for something sour and cold. I requested for my drink to be of lesser ice albeit I wanted a cold drink. This was an extremely refreshing and addictive beverage. When they were preparing this beverage of mine, I can smell the lime from where I was seated and I am not being exaggerating. The drink was indeed sour when you took the first sip but it also tasted salty at the same time. The saltiness came from the plum.


Minced Pork Fried Gong Pia | B$2.40

Gong Pia is one of the most common food of the Fuchow population. They can be eaten plain or with fillings. The Gong Pia served at Fuchow Restaurant came with the fillings of minced pork in soy sauce. They were nice but slightly salty for my liking. They are best eaten when hot as they tend to go tough when they turned cool.


Special Tiger Bak Kut Teh Small | B$10.00

Were you like me who thought that the soup is brewed with a tiger? LOL! Well, I thought so though. But no, it was cooked with pork meat and innards. Both Kaylie and I had the same thing for lunch. But she requested hers to come with pork ribs only while mine came with pork innards. I like pork innards.

Some may find pork innards gross but I am okay with them. Majority of my friends don’t eat innards though. But the size of pork ribs served here at Fuchow Restaurant is big compared to the local restaurants serving Bak Kut Teh.

The broth tastes good but still lack in herbal taste though. All in all, it was good and it makes a good hearty bowl of soup on a cool and rainy day. I was already sweating when I was only halfway through with my Bak Kut Teh.

Fuchow Restaurant
No: 16 & 17,
Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Awang Matusin,
Kampung Kiulap,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2236789


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