Of Random Things #54

I couldn’t decide what to blog about today. So, I will be blogging about the random pictures which I had taken two days ago. They were not much, only two pictures.


Pudding Milk Tea Honeydew | B$2.00

After having our Japanese dinner at Sushi Tei, Gadong Central last Friday evening, both Kaylie and I headed to EasyWay for some bubble milk tea before heading home. I used to like the drinks offered at EasyWay. But after having tried various Taiwanese bubble tea franchise chains, I preferred Gong Cha more than EasyWay nowadays.

What is good about EasyWay is that they are generous with the pudding portion but I find their milk tea to be a little way too sweet and milky at the same time. Hence, overwhelmed the taste of tea.


Had healthy breakfast yesterday morning – sunny side up on raisin bread and natural plain yogurt with some Longan honey.

I will be having a day off tomorrow and I am still wondering if I should be doing some baking. I had decided to bake some muffins for both Alan and Kaylie to bring to them when I am going Miri. I had also planned to bake Ing some muffins but she will not be in Miri when I am there.

Maybe I will bake some Chocolate Chips Muffins and Brownie Cheesecake with the premix flour which my cousin gave me before I went Shanghai last September.


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