Review: Standard Room, Meritz Hotel Miri

I just came back from Miri yesterday afternoon. I went down on Sunday early morning and came back the next morning. I was supposed to go with Kaylie but she couldn’t make it in the end as her car was sent for repair. So, I ended up going solo. But it’s okay for me as I am in need of some alone time lately.

Some may think it’s weird for me to go Miri on my own but I think it is no big deal as I still have two friends living in Miri. Unfortunately, Ing wasn’t in town this weekend as she had a seminar to attend in KK. So, it was only Alan and I together when he finishes work for the day.

I decided to stay at Meritz Hotel again this time due to the location for easy access to other shopping malls in town. Imperial Mall and Imperial Permaisuri City Mall are within walking distance from the back entrance of Bintang Megamall and Boulevard Shopping Complex can be reached via the city bus. But I only shopped at Boulevard Shopping Complex and Bintang Megamall only. LOL!

I requested for an early check-in but it wasn’t granted as the hotel was fully booked the night before and the earliest check-in could only be at 3:00p.m. in the afternoon. I went back to try my luck again half an hour before the earliest check-in time and the staff was nice enough to grant me early check-in. I requested for a room that comes with a shower cubicle rather than a bath tub. I hate bath tub! Some people said that I am a weirdo for hating bath tub when it is so relaxing.

I am pretty impressed with the room that they gave me this time. I booked for a Standard Room and I find the room size to be bigger than their Superior Room which I stayed in previously. And it looked newer. Without further ado, let me show you the pictures of the room that I was staying in the night before.


View of the room from the entrance. This room came with more vanity mirrors compared to the other rooms which I had stayed in Meritz Hotel before. There is a large vanity mirror on the left upon entering the room and the bathroom is on the right.



There is a rather big size closet next to the king sized bed. There is also a mini safe deposit box inside the closet. I don’t usually use safe deposit box when I was staying in a hotel previously. But that was because I don’t really know how to use it. But now that I know how to use one, I made use of it to store my gadgets and passport.

I liked the design of the bedside lamps. The curve shaped tube glass comes with lighting too. So, a lamp comes with two lighting. But unfortunately, one of them wasn’t fully functioning though.

Now moving on to the bathroom …


The only thing which disgusts me of the room was the stain underneath the sink. I am not sure if they could be removed but the smell ain’t nice at all. I got a whiff of the scent when I was putting some of my toiletries into the cabinet underneath the sink.


A mini size vanity kit drawer beside the sink whereby it comes with the basic necessities for personal grooming and hygiene but I used it to display my skincare products.


I super love the power shower of Meritz Hotel. It is by far one of the best which I had experienced. The water current is strong enough and the feeling is blissful when the water falls on your head after a long and tiring day. Some people may chose to relax over a bath tub but I find bath tub is a little bit too “stressful” for me. In short, I hate to be “submerged” in a pool of water.


I love that they have designed this “hole” section in the shower cubicle so that we can put on toiletries on it without having to put them on the floor. That was what I did most of the time when there is no such place to place our toiletries apart from the floor!


If you are an avid user of Internet, you can always request for a Internet modem from them. There is a deposit of RM50 for each modem. But surprisingly, the staff did not ask for it when he handed over the device to me. Perhaps the deposit was secured along with my room deposit on my credit card. The Internet connection was quick and it was able to load YouTube fast enough.


I was given Room 1411 this time round and I am happy to say that I was extremely pleased with the room that I was put in. But the only thing which disgusted me was the stain underneath the sink in the bathroom. Other than that, everything was fine. However, the breakfast spread wasn’t that great this time round. Even Alan mentioned the same thing when he came over to have breakfast with me in the morning before work.

Meritz Hotel
Bintang Megamall
Jalan Miri-Pujut,
98000, Miri,
East Malaysia
Tel: +6-085417888


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