09112014 / Dessert Master, Miri

So, I went Dessert Master when I was in Miri last Sunday. Dessert Master is the only cafe which I frequent every time I am in Miri. Reason being, there are not much dessert shops in Miri which appeal to Alan. And Dessert Master happened to be one of the few which appeals to him. LOL!

We were not sure what to have for dinner so we decided to have dessert first and decide later what to have for dinner. And as usual, we have our usual whenever at Dessert Master. Me with my 芝麻汤圆 while he has his 六味汤.


六味汤 | RM2.90


芝麻汤圆 | RM4.50

This is my usual all time favorite dessert at Dessert Master. I like that the soup as it comes with ginger pieces and it is very warming and soothing for the tummy especially during a cold and rainy night like last Sunday. Alan commented that most of the female friends whom he knows like 汤圆. Well, I myself only like 汤圆 that comes with sesame paste. Not a huge fan of the ordinary 汤圆 though.


Durian Ice Cream with Banana Fritters | RM5.50

I had taken to order this because I saw that it comes with Durian ice cream! The banana fritters were well fried but the batter is not as crunchy as I liked them to be. Bananas were sweet enough and the durian ice cream was smooth in texture. Not sure if it is homemade or ready made. We both find this particular dessert to be just average but I know someone who may like it though. LOL!

Dessert Master
Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri,
East Malaysia
Tel: +6-0168866768

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