Of Random Things #56

Not sure if I had mentioned about a swollen cheek in my previous few blog entries but I indeed had a swollen right cheek for about two days before the swell subsided. So, here’s a recap of what happened the other day.

I had my follow up appointment at National Dental Centre (NDC) last Tuesday afternoon. It was originally scheduled to be two months ago, a week after I came back from Shanghai. I couldn’t make it to the first follow up appointment, so I went back to reschedule again. I had my root canal treatment in early August. So, the main purpose of my follow up appointment is to remove the temporary filling and replace with a permanent filling.

The procedure took about an hour and a half. After the anesthesia had worn off couple of hours later, I had experienced a mild irritation on the “operated” tooth but it was still bearable as it was not as irritating as compared to the pain from a tooth extraction. I took an aspirin hoping that the irritation will be gone by the next morning.

Much to my surprise, I was greeted by a swollen right cheek when I woke up the next morning as I could feel my right cheek hardened. Without giving much concern to the swell, I went to work. A few colleagues saw my swollen cheek but were nice enough not to mention anything until I told Sister about the swollen cheek and she suggested that I return to the dentist for a further checkup.

Later that night, I realized that the swell on my right cheek had gotten slightly bigger in size. Mom suggested that I return to the dentist the next morning for antibiotics. So, I went back to the dentist the next morning and did an X-Ray on the said tooth. The dentist mentioned that there is nothing wrong with the tooth at the moment. The inflammation could have been triggered by how deep the root canals of my tooth were damaged in the first place.

But of course, there is nothing much the dentist could do at the moment but prescribed me a course of antibiotics which could lasts me for five days. Should the inflammation doesn’t go away by then, I will have to return to the dentist for further checkup whether another root canal treatment should be performed or much worse, dental extraction.

I am currently on my third day of antibiotics today and I am pleased to say that the swell had gone down on the first night after taking the antibiotics. Irritation is minimal at the moment and hopefully, there will be no irritation by the time I finished the antibiotics.

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