Baking #51: Milk White Bread

Hello everyone! How’s your Sunday so far? I had been staying home today as I do not feel like going out and it has been a wet day since morning. So, I spent my entire Sunday watching the drama series which I had been downloading, including Castle, The Mentalist, Elementary and 爸爸去哪儿. Apart from drama series watching, I had also made Milk White Bread after having breakfast this morning.

Instead of making dough, I made the entire bread with a bread machine. All you need to do is dump all the ingredients in and press START. And you will have fresh homemade Milk White Bread. But before I go on with the ingredients and how to make this loaf bread, let me show you how my Milk White Bread looked like.



Milk White Bread (adapted from Lazy AWESOME Dad)


  • 310ml full cream milk
  • 3 tsp oil *corn oil*
  • 1 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp sugar
  • 450g bread flour
  • 3/4 tsp bread improver
  • 1 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast


  1. Measure all the ingredients in advance with measuring cups and spoons.
  2. Remove the bread pan from the bread machine and install the collapsible paddle.
  3. Place and pile up all the ingredients in the same order as above (milk, oil, salt, sugar, bread flour, bread improver and active dry yeast).
  4. Wipe spillage outside the bread pan, if any.
  5. Return bread pan into the bread machine and close the lid.
  6. Choose settings (basic – normal) and press START.
  7. Wait for bread machine to finish all cycles before removing the bread pan from the bread machine.
  8. Leave bread loaf to cool on a cooling rack prior to slicing.


This is the bread machine which I am using at the moment, courtesy of Jennifer’s mom. Her mom gave me the bread machine since they are not using it anymore but I haven’t been giving it much use though apart from making dough with the bread machine.


Settings of a bread machine vary depending on bread machine. Mine doesn’t have much complicated settings so I chose the most basic one, which is basic bread with normal crust. It took my bread machine three hours and 10 minutes to finish baking the entire loaf and the entire house smells nice of freshly baked bread while it was still baking in the bread machine.

Pictures of how my Milk White Bread looked on the inside will be up shortly. So, stay tune!


As promised, let me show you how my Milk White Bread looked like. I had about two to three slices of my freshly home baked Milk White Bread yesterday afternoon and another slice, which was the last slice this morning.


The texture of the bread is soft and fluffy. It stays that way even till the next morning. The crust was however crusty when freshly baked and turned rather chewy couple of hours later. Not sure if this is how the crust should be if baked entirely with a bread machine. So, if you haven’t got time to buy your own bread, perhaps you could try baking your own white bread at home?


Breakfast this morning, with jam …

Now that I had succeeded my Milk White Bread with the bread machine, I think I am more adventurous in venturing new bread recipes. I had found a couple on the Internet and you will be seeing them soon here. So, stay tune!


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