Cooking Diary #32

It is the fifteenth day of the lunar month today. As usual, it is vegetarian food for half a day until lunch on every first and fifteenth day. I had originally planned on cooking Vegetarian Curry but got lazy in the end and cooked Stir Fry Mock Abalone with Deep Fried Puffy Tofu and Apricot Mushroom instead.

The one best thing about cooking vegetarian dishes is that you don’t have to saute the onion or garlic first. Just dump whatever you want to cook into the cooking pan, season them and you will have your dish ready in no time.


Stir Fry Mock Abalone with Deep Fried Puffy Tofu & Apricot Mushroom

This ain’t the first time I whip up this dish. I cook this quite often during the first or fifteenth day of lunar month. Mom bought a packet of those ready cooked deep fried puffy tofu for Vegetarian Curry. But I am intending to cook a pot of Chicken Curry tomorrow since I am not working and have it as lunch on Monday.

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