Elizabeth Arden Mini Haul

So, I stocked up on my Elizabeth Arden skincare products at the end of last month when one of my colleagues went back to Kuching for holiday. I requested her to get me a few of Elizabeth Arden items from her aunt. Ever since I came to know that her aunt works for Elizabeth Arden, I had been buying from her as it is cheaper in RM and her aunt gives me discount all the time.

I did not get much this time round, only two items and her aunt was nice enough to give me a full size Elizabeth Arden Pretty perfume. I had always wanted to buy that perfume since couple of years ago but never gotten round to as I have got too many perfumes in hand. And furthermore, the price ain’t cheap at all! So, I was truly happy when I saw the freebie that came with my purchase.


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizing Eye Cream (Travelers’ Pack) | RM237
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Night Cream Dry | RM193

Ever since I finished on my previous pot of Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, I had been using Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream until I got these from my colleague. I had been using this Elizabeth Arden eye cream for more than a week and I am extremely impressed with the moisturizing effects it did on my skin.

Before getting this eye cream in travelers’ pack, I contemplated between getting the single piece or duo pack. I caved in and got the duo pack instead since it was cheaper to get two instead of one only.

I had been using the combination type of night cream from Elizabeth Arden but my colleague got me the wrong product. She got me dry instead of the combination type which I had been using. But it is alright since it doesn’t matter much as I am sleeping in an air-conditioned room. The difference between dry and combination is the scent that comes with. Dry comes in lavender scent while combination has a subtle scent of I-don’t-know-what.


Elizabeth Arden Pretty


23 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Mini Haul

  1. Hi,
    I read from another blog that you do your facial in elizabeth arden counter.That is cheap. I would like to go if it is good and cheap. I have many qs here..haha

    Q1.Is it still $25 now incl eyebrow trimming? Can you email me her phone number so i can make appointment if i wanna try..my email: Junelaulau@gmail.com

    I heard the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is good and popular (i know from ladies first show) but not sure would it be suitable in tropical country. I am contemplating in buying it as my skin is thin and dry with tight feeling yet oily. I haven’t found a moisturizer in solving my issues. Looking for both day and night moisuturisers.
    You reviewed a couple of EA moisturisers. I was so confused when i read your different reviews, bcos their packaging are the same. lol

    Q2.You used both EA gentle hydrating night cream and skin balancing night cream (if i rem correctly), which one do you think is better?

    I read your review that the gentle hydrating cream for dry skin improved your skin allergy. Now i am confused which one should i be eyeing (8 hour or gentle hydra) since my skin is fragile…haha ..Maybe i can ask the lady.

    I have only used one EA product before, i.e. Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 30 upon a blogger’s recommendation. But i don’t like it, i think it is not moisturising enough and got a feeling that my skin looks kinda dull after using it.

    Q3.Regarding the EA primer that you recommended, is there really an obvious difference applying that? From what you said, it will protect moisture loss and other environmental damages.
    I am just skeptical whether it really has an effect or the companies are just eating our money…haha

    Q4.May i know how do you make the background of your photos blurry? Your camera?

    • Hello June!

      That was a lot of questions in one go. But don’t worry, I will try my best in replying them. Hopefully, they will be of help to you.


      Yes, I used to do my facial at Elizabeth Arden counter at Yayasan, Hua Ho. She charges B$25 per treatment. I think the cheap price is only available in Brunei, not applicable in Singapore though. The last time I had my facial, it was still B$25. I couldn’t be sure if there is a price change or not coz the last time was about a year ago. I will email you her contact details.

      If you buy an entire set of skincare products from her, I think she will do facial treatment for free. I once bought a box of Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Mask from her and she does my facial treatment for free but I do have to my bring along my EA scrub as well.

      B$25 covers a lot of things per treatment – scrubbing/cleansing, pore extraction, facial massage, masking and eyebrow trimming. And when the treatment is done, she will do usual skincare routine with her EA products depending on your skin condition. But I think she uses Visible Difference range most of the time. But there was once she used Visible Whitening range on my skin.

      I had never used any Eight Hours product before but a colleague of mine is using. She said it is good in terms of hydration and moisturization, if I am not mistaken.

      I think I had only reviewed two EA moisturizers. But regarding your dry skin issue, I would suggest you trying Gentle Hydrating Cream as your day cream and Gentle Hydrating Night Cream as your night cream. Albeit I had an oily combination skin, Gentle Hydrating Cream Dry works well on my skin.

      There was once when I had quite a severe skin peeling case. The BA at EA told me to slather a generous amount of the Gentle Hydrating Cream Dry during my skincare routine regardless it stings or not. And my skin was a lot better overnight. That was how good this product is and I am even planning on getting a second pot.

      Question 2:

      Hmm … I had only tried Skin Balancing Night Cream up till now. I had bought Gentle Hydrating Night Cream but have yet tried it. To be honest, I have yet find out the difference between the both of them yet but all I know is that the latter comes with lavender scent. LOL!

      I think it is better that you ask the BA which skincare range suits you better because I am using them based on my skin condition. But sometimes, I mix and match. I use most EA products at night. My day cream is currently Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.

      According to Shet Fui (EA’s BA), the best way to counter pre anti-ageing is to use a strong moisturizing night cream. Dry skin causes fine lines and wrinkles easily. I don’t really like EA products with SPF. They are drier in my opinion.

      Question 3:

      To be honest, you won’t see the obvious difference between using or not using the primer. But all I know is that my skin is very prone to acne when I am not using the product. Early last year, I moved house and there were all these packing to be done.

      Dust is definitely inevitable in such case. I did not use the primer as I thought it will be okay since I am staying indoor. After a week of packing and moving house, my skin broke out. As of now, even if I stay in a dusty storeroom, my skin is not that prone to acne if I do have applied the primer beforehand.

      Question 4:

      I used the macro function on my Sony NEX-3N. I am not sure if phone camera has that blurry feature. But I think Samsung and iPhone might have it. I never liked taking pictures with phone camera.

      Hope these information helps! xD

  2. Thanks for your reply… I am staying in Brunei so i am thinking i can go to the facial or buying EA products. Ya i find the EA spf product too.

    So you suggest i used Gentle Hydrating Cream as your day cream and Gentle Hydrating Night Cream as your night cream. So should i be using the dry or combination types for both?

    So you are not going for facial anymore?

    • You are staying in Bandar or KB? It is more affordable to buy EA products when Hua Ho is having sales as they give 20% for all EA products apart from those nett priced ones. But I got most of my EA products from my colleagues whose aunt works for EA in Kuching. A lot cheaper than in Brunei. Or sometimes, I asked my sister to get for me from Shanghai airport. A lot cheaper too.

      The BA recommended me the dry version albeit I have an oily combination skin type. It worked well on my skin. It didn’t make my skin oily after application. I think it is best if you consult the BA for the best range of products that suit you best coz I am no professional in such area. =D What I like about this BA is that she is not those pushy type.

      I rarely go facial anymore as my skin condition is a lot better now. I only go for facial when my skin condition is terrible. No need to do facial all the time as it will only wear off the protective layer of your skin.

      Do you use a separate sunscreen apart from the moisturizer that comes with SPF? I never liked moisturizer with SPF as they tend to make my skin drier. I was once given a sample of EA BB Cream. I didn’t like it. It makes my skin very dry.

      I still prefer Shiseido when it comes to SPF products. So far, it is the only brand that works for me for sunscreens. It is neither dry nor oily.

  3. I am staying in kb but go up to bandar often. I do use sunblock with the moisturiser – clarins uv protect as the moisturiser with spf 30 only. But i don’t like it at all, so i applied it to neck to finish it. You mean it’s cheaper to buy in overseas incl singapore?. Is there EA in Miri parkson?
    When would Hua Ho Yayasan have Sales as i rarely go to that area? You mentioned about Hua Ho Mastercard. I don’t need that card to get the discount if there is sales right? I don’t think i want to get the card since i rarely go to Hua Ho Yayasan, i only go to Kiulap.

    • Why don’t you try using a sunscreen instead of moisturizer that comes with SPF? I think the outcome will be a lot better. Now that you mentioned you are finishing the Clarins moisturizer with SPF on your neck to finish, which sunscreen are you using right now for your face?

      EA is cheaper overseas but only in some countries. According to my sister, China duty free is the cheapest among other countries. We always stock up on Clinique, Shiseido, L’occitane and Origins from Shanghai airport. But the only downside is that it is almost impossible to find Kose duty free in China airports.

      There is no point in buying EA in Singapore as the price there is the same as in Brunei. Brunei’s EA is following Singapore pricing. The good thing about buying from Singapore is probably the free samples that comes with. It is more affordable to buy from Brunei EA if there is a sales promotion going on in Hua Ho.

      There is no EA in Parkson, Miri at the moment. From what I knew, there used to be one but business wasn’t good so they shut it down.

      I think Hua Ho is currently having sales until Chinese New Year. The entire Brunei is having Brunei Salebration now. Whenever Hua Ho is having grand sales, EA will be giving 20% off for their products.

      Yes, you don’t need that card for discount if there is a sale going on in Hua Ho. The reason why I got that card in the first place was because I always miss the promotion period or I don’t have the time to stock up when there is promotion going on. So, I just make do with 10% instead of 20% whenever I ran low on their products. That’s why I applied for the card. And furthermore, I shop in Hua Ho for Laneige sometimes. But Laneige doesn’t give 10% even with Hua Ho Mastercard.

      I am thinking of discontinuing the card since the card is not of much use anyways. I only used the card once since I applied. The only perk of that credit card is that sometimes you can get additional 5% off the entire bill for supermarket items.

      According to a colleague of mine, some shops in overseas may not accept the card albeit it is a shared partnership between SCB and Hua Ho. And according to him, he got that information from a staff of SCB. LOL!

  4. really the sales is on now. maybe i can go grab the moisturiser. Thanks for your email. I watsapped her but she didn’t reply me, asking about the prices of 8 hour cream, gentle hydrating day and night cream.

    Just to confirm you mentioned you used EA products for night time only, even the gentle hydrating (dry)? Did you use it during day time..

    Oh no..I applied the EA Prevage SPF moisturiser on my neck, currently using clarins uv protect. Ya i normally use separate spf and moisturiser products. So now need to find a good moisturiser.

    I also intend to try the ceramide capsules recommended by beauty show in the future.
    Do you have any affordable cream/gel mask to recommend which is good for hydration and used frequently? apart from laneige sleeping pack – i applied a layer too thick last time and left it overnight, the next day, my pores are enlarged. I guess my skin is too weak and lacks collagen so cannot apply too heavy.

    • You are welcome!

      You don’t have to ask her, I can give you the pricing that you need for the moisturizers. Both are B$85 each. I do not know the price of their 8 hours cream though but I always use this link for price check as the price in SG is the same as the price in Brunei.

      Yes, I use EA moisturizer at night as it is a little bit too rich for use during the daytime for my skin as I am also applying sunscreen. I had only used Gentle Hydrating Cream Dry during daytime for a few times but that was when I am staying indoor most of the time, like the days when I am not working. The only EA products which I use during the day is their eye cream and the primer.

      I am currently using Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief as my day moisturizer. It gives enough moisturization and hydration to my skin. I am currently on my second pot. I think it can only be used as a sleeping pack like the Laneige one. Just apply a thicker layer, if I am not mistaken.

      I had never tried Ceramide capsules by EA, only the whitening capsules. But according to my sister, the Ceramide capsule is pretty oily so one capsule can lasts you for two usages. You can always try asking if the BA can give you a few samples of the capsules just in case if your skin doesn’t work well with the product. Those capsules ain’t cheap at all!

  5. So basically you are not really using your pot of EA gentle hydrating day cream at all now or just use occasionally, since you will be using your EA gentle hydrating night cream at night?

    May i know if you bought them in 50ml? Bcos from other website, the pricing is around $50.
    Couldn’t find the size from the link you sent.

    • Yeah … I am not using any EA moisturizer in my daytime skincare regime. I had only bought Skin Balancing Night Cream when I had ran out of Gentle Hydrating Cream Dry.

      I bought mine in 50ml. I thought there is only one size?

  6. (add www.) onlineshoppingx.com/brand_list.php?cPath=7&manufacturers_id=1777&brand_type=Elizabeth+Arden+-+Visible+Difference+-+Night+Care#.VMPevf6UeAN


  7. Ya should be one size. I am just wondering why the big price difference between 80+ and 50+ at strawbery.net and onlineshoppingx.

    Ya..maybe i will buy the 8 hour cream for morning use and gentle hydrating (day or night) for night use. Maybe buy the primer too,

    • Hmm … Strawberry.net is more expensive than onlineshoppingx if I am not mistaken. But I don’t see the point of online buying since we can get it from Brunei as the price is still affordable when there is sales.

      Ordering skincare products online may take quite some time to reach Brunei due to custom check. I have a friend who usually order skincare products from Korea mentioned that delivery usually takes about a month to reach her. And additionally, you need to consider the custom tax imposed.

      Has the BA replied you? Did you managed to get an appointment secured?

      • From the links i send you, the price for gentle hydrating is $50 plus only…but i asked the BA now is around $70.. (.To be exact, the BA replied me that the 8 hour cream: 32.80, gentle hydrating day cream: 70.40 and its night cream: 76.80),,,that why i am puzzled. (Most of the other products on both websites are quite near to the market price) Also different from the price $88 – isit due to sales? Normally i don’t mind to wait for a month and pay the few dollars…Ya seems like onlineshoppingx is cheaper…I normally buy from there ( one mth waiting time).

        No she didn’t reply when i wanna confirm whether she would be at the counter at particular day and time. But she replied before on my qs on the prices.. Guess she is busy…

  8. I think the prices in which the BA sent you were discounted ones. But I remembered that both Gentle Hydrating and Skin Balancing had the same price. It had been quite some last time since I last visited her counter as I had been buying from either Kuching or Shanghai lately when I am restocking on EA products.

    If you don’t mind, I could try contacting her to see if I am able to secure an appointment for you. But you have to let me know which time is convenient for you. But she is usually busy during Sunday. There was once when I went there without an appointment, she ended up having to send me away as there were too many customers at the time.

    And what more, CNY is approaching and people are making appointments for treatment. Do you have large pores? If you do, I would suggest doing treatment two weeks before CNY as pore extraction might leave the skin red for almost a week until they subsided. The first time I did treatment with her, the skin was red and bare for almost a week. But during that time, I did not apply any skincare product until the redness subsided.

  9. I think it’s ok… Now i don’t want to go for appointment cos i think my skin is too dry and thin at the moment. So i dont need to message here when she will be there in the counter right for advice? She will be always there at the counter? The shiseido one, need to msg her in advance…

    I have lots of enlarged pores. Huh? Skin red for almost a week, that is scary? I did couple of facial, they don’t leave that.. Is it the way she extract is harsh? Normally few days at most…
    Leave the skin bare? T_T
    I normally did at Jubilee hotel in a small salon upon my friend’s recommendation if i rem the name is correct, $35 ,,, but eyebrow trimming is not included.. Doesn’t leave the skin red or bare for a week…
    I don;t go on Sunday…Maybe tomorrow around 5.30

    • She will be at her counter most of the time when she is working unless she is on leave. From what I knew, her off day is on Monday and she is on morning shift on every Saturday. But she is normally at her counter most of the time apart from lunch/dinner breaks.

      Yeah … As for the Shiseido one, you need to inform her in advance as she is sometimes unavailable. But she is usually not at her counter most of the time when I go Hua Ho, Yayasan. Do you buy from her often? I thought it is cheaper to buy from Parkson, Miri and they are pretty generous with samples also.

      My skin is the sensitive type so that’s why I had red skin for almost a week. She extracted lots of black and white heads on my first visit. But it got better after the first visit. My skin wasn’t that red on my second visit. It depends on skin condition. If your skin require lots of pore extraction, it may be a bit red after treatment.

      Hahaha … I left it bare coz the products I was using then contains high level of alcohol, like Kose Sekkisei Lotion? Most facial treatment doesn’t include eyebrow trimming so this one is definitely money value since it includes eyebrow trimming for B$25 only.

  10. No…i rarely buy from shiseido now….
    Ya if i see her maybe i will book an appointment…
    Hopefully when i reach her counter at 5.30pm she will be there…

  11. Ya….I bought gentle hydrating day cream and skin balancing night cream…I thought i got gentle hydrating day cream and night cream…The packaging is really similar…Then when i noticed, i thought she has given me the wrong night cream..Then she said the gentle hydrating cream with scent, may not be suitable for sensitive skin, sth like that…
    So far i used, quite ok…Have some small pimples, maybe cos i wake up pretty late recently…At least i don’t feel the dehydration or tightness for the moment.
    The 8 hour cream is actually like ointment texture like vaseline…She said it cannot be applied to face in tropical countries, maybe lips or other parts. Maybe it is actually popular to apply in these areas…I asked for a sample of this and ceramide capsules..She said each ceramide capsule has to be applied all at once cos no preservative. But i think if i am to buy, i just store it into a contact lens container to save money since it is more than enough for one time application.. According to her instruction, first apply half the capsule to the face. Then apply again the other half.

    She asked me how i get her contact. I told her from a blog, siaw tan.. She couldn’t figure out and asked me to msg her the link of the blog.

    I also made appointment for facial next week..

    • Yeah .. When I bought from her, she also suggested Gentle Hydrating Cream and Skin Balancing Night Cream. Gentle Hydrating Night is more suitable for dry skin and it is lavender scented. The packaging of EA night creams are the same – grey in color. The reason why I got Gentle Hydrating Night was because the aunt of my colleague got me the wrong order. LOL!

      So far, I had only seen my colleague use 8 hours cream once in a while. I think she only uses it when she feels that her skin is dry. I only see her applying it while in the office. Perhaps the cool air dries her skin?

      I had never tried the Ceramide capsules, but only capsules of Visible Whitening. Very expensive but effective. I used a capsule twice. She advised me to do like that if I find the texture too greasy on my face. Saves some bucks too!

      She never knew me by my Chinese name but English name. LOL! I am also thinking of making an appointment with her. Wanna use up my Visible Whitening mask.

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