16122014 / Kaylie’s Birthday Dinner @ Danes Cafe

As mentioned in my previous post, it was Kaylie’s 24th birthday few days ago. It had been a few weeks since we last met up for dinner together. The last meet up we had before yesterday evening was also at Danes Cafe if I remembered correctly. As it was her birthday dinner, I gave her the privilege to choose the venue she wanted. She chose Danes Cafe as she was craving for their Char Siu Sauce Kolo Mee.

We agreed to meet at Danes Cafe around 7:30p.m. in the evening. The area was quite packed with cars for a normal weekday evening. And as expected, Danes Cafe was completely full house apart from two vacant small tables which were only able to accommodate two patrons per table. We took the table nearby to the entrance. Majority patrons came in groups yesterday evening hence they took up the tables in the cafe very quickly.

It took us not long to place our orders as we already knew what we wanted to order prior to arriving at the cafe. I had wanted to try their Pork Meatballs Baked Rice while Kaylie ordered Char Siu Sauce Kolo Mee.


Char Siu Sauce Kolo Mee | B$5.00

An authentic type of Kuching Kolo Mee in Brunei. The difference between this version and the other versions of Kolo Mee sold in Brunei is that this version of Kolo Mee has a springy texture compared to those locally made noodles. And the noodles were tossed in Char Siu Sauce rather than the usual soy and oyster sauce.

The noodles came with generous portion of Char Siu, pork meatballs and minced meat. But there was no minced meat for Kaylie since she requested hers to be omitted.


Pork Meatballs Baked Rice with Tomato Sauce | B$10.90

I saw this dish from their Instagram page and decided that I wanted to try this. The pork meatballs were homemade and they weren’t dry at all. Quite juicy, I would say. The tomato sauce was homemade as well and it tasted very fresh and sour at the same time. The rice served was not the ordinary rice that we have on daily basis. I think they made use of brown rice instead of the usual fragrant white rice.

All in all, this was a good dish. Cheese portion wasn’t as much as compared to the other Baked Rice which I had tried before, hence less sinful to be consumed. LOL!


Chocolate Mint Torte | B$6.50

I was excited to try their Tiramisu Torte when I found it on their Instagram page. But unfortunately, the waitress told me that they do not have Tiramisu Torte yet. So, the both of us made do with this Chocolate Mint Torte since there weren’t much choices from the list which Kaylie could eat. She usually steer clear from cheesecakes as majority cheesecakes were made with gelatin. She is allergic towards gelatin.

The both of us were extremely disappointed with their Chocolate Mint Torte. I think Kaylie had set high expectations on this particular dessert as it was the first that came into her mind when she saw the dessert list. The base was good – digestives with thin almond flakes, if I am not wrong. The mousse layer was good too as it wasn’t too sweet and it was not the kind which makes you go all sick when having too much.

What we were disappointed with the dessert was that there was no slightest hint of mint taste. We thought it was subtle at first, probably because our taste buds were contaminated with the tastes from our main courses. But we still couldn’t taste any mint even after we drained some plain water or tea. That’s when we decided that the taste of mint was completely vague/subtle in this dessert.

Danes Cafe
Unit 102, Bangunan Bersurat,
Jalan Batu Bersurat, Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428914


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