Review: Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Having baked quite frequently lately, my blog had been filled with my baking attempts over the past few weeks. And therefore, I had decided to do a skincare review post today on one of the products in my latest skincare regime. As I had been using quite a lot of whitening products over the past few months, I felt that my skin needed products with hydrating properties as whitening products tends to dry out our skin easily.

And when Artistry launched this hydration range of skincare products, I bought a set of self picked items from Ing and have it delivered to me days after it was launched in Miri. I got myself a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. I did not get the eye cream as I am more comfortable with my current eye cream – Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizing Eye Cream.

I am currently halfway through this Hydra-V range of skincare products and I am extremely impressed with the hydrating effects it had on my skin. The range came in plastic blue packaging and yet sleek at the same time.


Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser

I will be reviewing the facial cleanser from Artistry Hydra-V first before the remaining three products which I had bought myself of the range. When I first used this facial cleanser, I was not used to the fact that it didn’t lather well. But I got used to it over time, thank God!

The texture of the facial cleanser is in the form of gel, transparent in color. So when you mix a little bit of water with the gel cleanser, it creates tiny bubbles lather rather than the thick foam lather compared to some other facial cleansers which I had previously tried. If you had been using Artistry range of facial cleansers, you would have known that they don’t lather into thick foams like others.

It smells nice and refreshing. One of the factors which drawn me to the product is the scent. In terms of effectiveness, I am again impressed with the performance. It was able to remove the excess oil on my face and the dirt in which my skin picked up during the day, leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth, clean and refreshed at the same time.

I had been using this facial cleanser for almost a month now and it did not leave my skin with breakout after using it. I can feel that my skin is very well hydrated lately. For better results, it is advisable to use a complete set of Artistry Hydra-V range.

So, here’s what I think of Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser in a nutshell:

1. Smells nice.
2. Able to remove excess oil and dirt well enough.
3. Leaving skin feeling clean, soft, smooth, refreshed and hydrated.
4. Didn’t cause any breakout to the skin.

None that I could think of.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: RM80 (DP), RM100 (CP), B$43 (DP), B$54 (CP)

Repurchase? Definitely!


17 thoughts on “Review: Artistry Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser

  1. Will the skin feel dried after using the Amway Hydra V Cleanser? Cause I have a combination skin, and the Hydra V cleanser is a gel form which I scare it will over dry my skin after cleaning.

    • I don’t think this cleanser will dry up your skin as Hydra-V range is for hydrating purpose. I heard a lot of users like this range compared to others.

      Well, it depends on what you are after. I do have a combination skin too but this facial cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin. Gel textured facial cleansers aren’t supposed to dry out skin but only those with paste like texture would.

      Hope this helps. =D

    • I did not review on the other products from Hydra-V range. It depends on what kind of function you are after. If you are looking for a range which works well in terms of giving moisture and hydration for your skin, Hydra-V is the one you go for. I am not a stickler with Hydra-V range as I find other ranges to be better. Honestly speaking, all my skincare products area mix and match from various brands.

      Are you an Amway member? Coz pricing is different if you are an Amway member. I will get the pricing for you. Shall post it back here when I got it as I did not keep track of how much I paid last time.

  2. I’m not a Amway member but I did purchased several Amway skincare products before this with member’s price (using my friend’s member). Thank you for the new Amway Artistry Fresh Softening Toner post =) I’m now considering to buy the Hydra V cleanser, thus I searched online and found your review.

    • I see. Which Artistry products have you tried before? As I was discussing with my friend about Artistry facial cleansers, she said the current well liked facial cleansers from Artistry is the one from Youth Xtend range. The good thing about Artistry facial cleansers is that they don’t produce much bubbles when you lather them with water.

      Generally speaking, less sulfate in the ingredient list I guess. I liked the facial cleanser from Ideal Radiance range but it was so hard to squeeze the paste out of the tube when you just started using it. Most of the customers also complained the same thing. When I started using it, I thought my friend sold me a soon to expired product. It turned out that all customers using the same product are facing the same problem. LOL!

  3. I tried before those Artistry Essential series: Balancing cleanser, balancing toner, hydrating lotion, soothing cream, anti blemish and also the Youth Xtend Rich cleansing foam. So I was in dilemma whether to purchase the Youth Xtend cleanser again or tried out the new hydra V cleanser. Before this the Artistry Essential balancing cleanser cause my skin to become dry out after cleaning. I was once told by a beautician that those gel/transparent type cleanser will dry out my skin, whereas those cleanser in cream color/milky type suits me more. That is why I wondered whether the hydra V cleanser will cause my skin to become dry or not after use. But my face pick up dirt easily, so I need a hydrating cleanser that can clean very well.

    • Hmm … I think my skin condition is the other way round compared to yours though we both have combination skin type. For me, cream paste type of facial cleansers tend to make my skin dry for the first few usages but got better eventually.

      I had never tried the Artistry Essential range though I had just purchased a tube of their Gentle Makeup Remover last weekend. I thought gel cleansers are milder on the skin compared to those milky or creamy paste kind of facial cleansers? Hmm …

      I had tried various brands of facial cleansers, whether those high end or those cheaper version of drugstore brands. For the high end versions, Artistry and Elizabeth Arden works well on my skin. Shiseido was okay in the beginning but effects worn off after prolonged usage. Clinique was dry on my skin and Laneige was kinda too mild for my skin. Kose was okay but nothing much to shout about.

      If it’s drugstore brands, AquaLabel and Biore were not bad. Shiseido Senka is okay for me too but I am afraid it may be a bit dry for your skin. Which toners have you used since before? If you have a skin which pick up dirt easily, you should consider double cleansing. But I do have a feeling that you do incorporate double cleansing in your skincare routine too.

      Using cleansing oils somehow make my skin looked more supple and moisturized and doesn’t dry my skin easily. I had been using this Good Morning Serum from Elizabeth Arden. It works as a primer or protector. It retains the skincare products which you applied on your skin for like a couple of hours unless you keep on wiping your face.

      It is very well known among users who stay in an air-conditioned room for a long period of time in a day. However in Brunei, it is very common for doctors who work in the hospital whereby their skin get exposed to air-cond 24/7. That way this product can help in protecting the skin from drying out from the over exposure cold air.

  4. Ya the beautician advise me to do double cleansing. Oh ya, that time when I was using the Artistry Essentials series, I also used the Artistry Gentle Action Make Up Remover before cleaning with the balancing cleanser. Since I did not apply make up at work, so she told me to wash my face twice especially after work. Currently, I’m using the Melilea pH balancing toner. After this, I might consider to switch to Hado Labo toner or maybe the Artistry Hydra V Softening Lotion.

    • If you are using any skincare product which comes with SPF coverage, you need to do double cleansing. I had tried not doing double cleansing once or twice before, I can feel that my skin is not clean thoroughly.

      I have a friend who uses Melilia previously as she has an extremely sensitive skin. Is Melilia that good with sensitive skin? I had only tried toners from Shiseido, Kose, Artistry and Elizabeth Arden. So far, the only one which works best on my skin is Kose. Some said Kose Lotion is extremely potent but so far so good on my skin.

      At least, even my beautician said that my skin was a lot better compared to the first time I went to see her for facial. I try not to do facial often as my skin is always sensitive and reddish after a facial session.

  5. For me, Melilea cleanser is not that good. I feel that my skin is not thoroughly clean after using the cleanser. So far I think the Melilea pH balancing toner, skin revitalizer (moisturizer) and oxy intensive cream (also a type of moisturizer) were okay for me. My beautician told me not to use their intensive nourisher (sunblock) as it contains mercury. Your face will look fair after using the nourisher as it contains pearl powder.

    Same as mine. My face will look reddish after a facial session and only recover after third day. A friend of mine shared with me that extraction in facial was not encouraged as it will make the pores larger. Do you ever heard this kind of thing? I also pay frequent visit to facial center but after listen to her sharing, I tried to reduce the facial frequency now.

    • May I know which cleansing oil or milk are you using at the moment? Normally with the usage of cleansing oil or milk, your skin should be clean after facial cleanser. At least that’s how it works for me.

      Cleansing water has been a trend in beauty world for quite some time as it is hassle free compared to cleansing oil or milk. But I find cleansing water not to be as effective as cleansing oil or milk. Bioderma, yes but not from other brands. It felt as if I just wiped my face with plain water.

      I think Mercury is the ingredient whereby it creates a dewy effect on your skin after application of a certain product which contains the ingredient. I think most skincare nowadays contain mercury. I was being told that a certain few products from Shiseido contained Mercury and it was recalled back couple of years ago.

      My face was reddish probably due to the extraction but I don’t have much extraction during facial sessions over the years. As long as you clean your face properly on everyday basis, your skin should not have a lot of black or whiteheads anymore.

      I did heard of that it was not encouraged to do pore extraction on regular basis as beautician would use a steamer to enlarge your pores so that it will be easier for them to do their job and won’t be painful for your skin when they are extracting.

      Safest way is probably apply enough toner after extraction so that the pores can shrink back in size on time. For me, I had only been facial session like maybe less than five years over the past few years. I would try to go like once in a year only and that would be before Chinese New Year.

      But if you go on regular basis, you would realize that the beautician doesn’t have much to extract from your pores. LOL! Well, at least that was what my beautician told me even when I only visit her like once in a year.

      The first time when I did my facial, it took her quite some time to extract the black and whiteheads from my face. But then after my first facial, I do my skincare routine properly and never miss double cleansing unless I am really tired or I don’t have the product to do so.

      If I am really tired, I will just stick with cleansing water. I will make sure I have at least a bottle of cleansing water at home. Desperate time calls for desperate measures.

  6. Just an addition… The Hydra V line comes in three formats; the moisturizer makes the difference. There is one for normal/combination skin which gives medium level of hydration, oily skin so you don’t need a lot of extra moisture but the skin still feels hydrated (I use that one and it’s amazing) and then there is one for dry skin which comes with a heavier cream.

  7. i used to use the artistry essential. the three steps. they workrd well on me since i have very sensitive skin. i would recommend it. But since they discontinued it, I’m trying the hydra-v. I don’t know why the third step comes in different sizes. My sister got for mixed skin and her third step its 75ml, i got the one for oily skin and its 50 ml. I know oily skin should use less gel cream, but they suppoustly made the third step according to the type skin, so why the oily one should have less. Another thing i wouldn’t recommend it for acne skins. i consider that this product its helps maintain your skin looking healthy, moisturized and silk. But not really good for brakouts or acne! Specially that it doesn’t have salicylic acid ingredient. The last thing is the price! the artistry essentials worked very well on me and it was way cheaper, i dont see a good reason why they descontinued it. I would give it 4 stars out five just for the price. And as i said before people with acne should look for another product. This one is perfect for sensitive skins with no acne.

    • I had never tried the 3 steps from Artistry Essentials. The only product which I had tried from the said skincare range is their gentle makeup remover which I find pretty good for me.

      I had tried some of Hydra-V range of products – cleanser, lotion, serum and moisturizer. To be honest, I am not much of Hydra-V range as it only provides moisturization and hydration purpose to the skin. I am more of a Ideal Radiance and Youth Xtend user.

      But according to some of the reviews which I had previously read, most of the sensitive skin users highly raved Hydra-V range. Breakouts and acne sometimes relate to the food that we consumed and not necessarily from the skincare that we are using.

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