30122014 / Excapade Sushi, Regent Square

Sister was home from Vietnam for a couple of days before she returns to Shanghai again in the middle of this week. We had dinner together yesterday evening after we sorted out some matters at Standard Chartered Bank. I had planned on bringing her to try BELLUNO Cafe in Kiarong but she told me that she was craving for sashimi.

When it comes to sashimi, I would normally choose Kaizen Sushi Waterfront over any branches of Excapade Sushi. But Sister did not want to go far and did not even mind Excapade Shokudo. Of all the Excapade Sushi branches, I would avoid Excapade Shokudo as I find their service and food quality to be inconsistent.

So, we ended up at Excapade Sushi, Regent Square as I intended to do some grocery shopping at Hua Ho, Kiulap after dinner. I wanted to buy a tray of eggs for baking but they were completely sold out. The only ones left were those in a pack of 10. So, I left with only a bottle of cream of tartar and cranberry juice for my Cranberry Bread Loaf.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday evening.


Tuna Salad Temaki (Cucumber Skin) | B$3.80

Sister ordered this as she was craving for tuna. She did mentioned that the cucumber skin was a little bit too thick compared to what she had normally. But I think it is not easy to slice thinly provided that you have the right tool for it?


Salmon Teriyaki Don | B$9.00

Ordered this to share with Sister since I had light dinner meal before meeting her at Manggis Mall. Portion was a little bit too small for two but definitely more than enough for one. Rice was nice but we thought the salmon fillets were overcooked. They were dry instead of juicy.

Miso soup was complimentary with the dish but it was way too salty. I personally find all the miso soup served at Excapade Sushi tend to be extremely salty for normal taste buds.


Grilled Salmon Head (Small) | B$4.50

A must have dish at Excapade Sushi. Grilled Salmon Head comes in three sizes – small, medium and large. But we were being told that they only had small size left yesterday evening. So, we made do with the small size. Extra sauce was given as well but the sauce on the fish itself was more than enough.


Tako Yaki | B$5.00

This took forever to arrive. It was not even ready when we had finished all the food served to us. Planned on cancelling this order but was told that they were done making them. Thankfully, these Tako Yaki were worth the wait. It was not as floury as some other Tako Yaki which I had tried before. It was slightly crunchy but squid portion was minimal.

Excapade Sushi Regent Square
Unit 1 & 2, Ground Floor,
Regent Square, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2234011


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