31122014 / New Year Eve Dinner @ Danes Cafe

HAPPY 2015!

So, how did you guys spend New Year Eve? Honestly speaking, I think it was the first time yesterday evening in 5.5 years that I spent New Year Eve having dinner and grocery shopping after work. My New Year Eve usually consisted of working late shift ever since I moved back home from the UK. But well, it was the second last night of Sister being home before she returns to Shanghai tomorrow morning. So, I took off from work earlier than my usual shift.

We intended to try BELLUNO Cafe after I found a video of their Molten Chocolate Lava from one of Jia‘s friend Instagram profile. But it was closed for the day when we arrived. I neglected to check the opening hours as I thought it will be opened until 9:00p.m. in the evening. So, we detoured to Danes Cafe in the end since Sister said she wanted to have desserts.

I did not have high expectation on whether we will be able to get seating at Danes Cafe as it was always fully booked every time I was there. Surprisingly enough, the cafe was not even packed yesterday evening on New Year Eve. Perhaps majority youngsters have left town and celebrates New Year Eve clubbing at Club Celebrities in Miri.


Affogato | B$5.00

This turned out to be different than I expected. The first Affogato which I had previously was at Ximply Chriz Cafe. Instead of placing both ice-cream and espresso shot together, Ximply Chriz had them placed separately. But Danes Cafe did it the other way round. All I can say is that the espresso shot was strong and bitter at the same time. The best way to drink it is to wait till the ice-cream had melted and dissolved into the espresso shot.


Pumpkin Soup | B$7.00

A thumb up from the both of us for this creamy pumpkin soup. It comes in a large soup mug with two slices of soft bread. I would not say it was from a french loaf or baguette because it was not. The bread slices were soft and buttered with garlic. It was a perfect combination when dipped into the soup. The soup was smooth and creamy but we thought it would have been nicer if ground black pepper was omitted.


Christmas Special | B$20.00

Had Christmas Special on a New Year Eve. Albeit being pricey, Sister was impressed with the presentation and quality. And so did I. This Christmas Special comes with turkey breast with stuffing, jacket potato, Yorkshire puddings, bacon, veggie salad and cranberry in-house sauce. I love the stuffing and Yorkshire pudding. Turkey breast was good too but we both thought that it could be sliced thinner.


Bacon Carbonara | B$13.00

Comes with generous topping of bacon and the pasta was cooked al dente. It was perfect for my liking but could be a little bit sickening when had too much due to the creamy pasta sauce.

Sister had wanted to try desserts but we could not fit in more food after our heavy and scrumptious dinner. So, we thought maybe we could stop at other cafe for desserts if we feel like it after grocery shopping. But we ended up heading home straight after grocery shopping at Soon Lee, Batu Bersurat. LOL!

Danes Cafe
Unit 102, Bangunan Bersurat,
Jalan Batu Bersurat, Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428914

As promised, I baked Sister a Japanese Dark Pearl Chocolate Chiffon Cake which she likes due to the bitter taste from dark chocolate. I prefer the outcome of my chiffon cake this time round compared to the one which I baked when my relatives stayed over at our place in early last month.


Japanese Dark Pearl Chocolate Chiffon Cake (adapted from Bakericious)


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