Review: BlackBall, Brunei

I took a day off yesterday due to some reasons. I had been having flu for days and never gotten round to pay a visit to the clinic until yesterday. According to the doctor, there was nothing wrong with my nose. It was not flu that I was having but nose blockage, red and cracked throat.

So, the doctor prescribed me a course of antibiotics, flu pills and some anti-histamine. The anti-histamine tablets were the drowsy kind but the flu pills were non-drowsy type which is to be consumed during the day.

Albeit it was a non-drowsy type, I felt my body and legs weakening couple of hours after taking the tablets. Took a three hours afternoon nap until dinner time and went back to sleep about two hours after dinner until this morning.


Anyways, I went to try BlackBall alone yesterday morning after my visit to the clinic. I was being told by Kaylie that BlackBall is now open where Unitek used to be. Instead of waiting for her to try BlackBall together, I decided to go on my own since I was already in the area. I was the second patron of the day.

I had previously tried BlackBall in Singapore two years ago. I got to know about this franchise via a Singaporean blog and insisted Andrea and Patrick that we should try this dessert place. Being the guest that I am, both of them agreed to my forced request. LOL! We have both ZenQ Desserts and BlackBall in Miri. I had tried ZenQ Desserts previously but I preferred BlackBall more than ZenQ Desserts.


The cafe is spacious and it has a bright ambiance. Instead of having your orders being delivered to you, you have to self-pick them up by the pick-up counter when your number had been called. While I was paying for my order, it came to my attention that all ingredients were weighed accordingly while the staff prepares your order.


I was being given this loyalty card upon my first purchase yesterday morning. You will be given one stamp for every B$5 spent. I got a stamp for my purchase yesterday as my order exceeded the value of B$5. I don’t remember BlackBall in Singapore has this loyalty card thingy. So, I wondered if it is only applicable in Brunei?


Red Bean Soup with Black Sesame Ball | B$5.90

So, this was what I ordered yesterday. As I was being told by the doctor of having a red and cracked throat, I decided to go for something warm instead of a chilly dessert. I am not a huge fan of red bean soup but black sesame balls. To be honest, I thought the black sesame balls were like those rice glutinous balls filled with black sesame paste.


It turned out that I was wrong. What they meant by black sesame ball is this chewy ball dough which they made with black sesame powder. Texture was okay. It was neither too hard nor too soft. The soup came with mini size pearl balls. The red bean soup tasted okay for me but too sweet for my liking. But then the sweetness was probably custom made towards the local preferences.


This was their entire list of menu which I snapped a picture of while I was leaving the cafe. I don’t mind returning to BlackBall again next time. Probably not for their Red Bean Soup with Sesame Ball but BlackBall Signature (Warm).


Opening hours

Verdict: I liked the ambiance of the cafe, it was brightly lit and the place is spacious. I hate small spaced cafes whereby it gets crowded and tight when there is a huge crowd. Menu is extensive in my opinion and you also get to choose your sugar level for beverages. Options for sugar level is not applicable to dessert though.

Pricing wise, I think it was on the steep side. For the portion which I got for my Red Bean Soup with Sesame Ball, I would say it was expensive. I think there were only three pieces of black sesame balls in my bowl. Apart from the steep price, I do not mind returning as it is a place which I would consider for healthy desserts’ options.

Unit 9, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Yong Siong Hai,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2429230


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