Review: I Love Yoo!, Brunei

Gosh! The interval between each blog entry is getting more inconsistent lately. I am sorry about that as I have not got the right mood to do so for the past few days. I did wrote a few drafts couple of days ago but then I will always run out of things to write in the middle of the blog entry. Hence, an incomplete blog entry which I did not even bother to post.

Anyways, Kaylie and I decided to meet up for dinner yesterday evening as I feel like going out after work. I had been good for the past few weeks that I went home straight after work. Not that I am always going out after work. But I would usually go window shopping or do some grocery shopping after work. Instead of going in two cars like we usually do, Kaylie decided to leave her car at my workplace this time round.

I Love Yoo! had been opened for a month or so but I never gotten round to try until yesterday evening. Kaylie said she did not mind having light food as dinner. I Love Yoo! is located on the basement floor of Plaza Abdul Razak. The basement is basically the food court of the building with FRESHCO Supermarket at the other corner.


According to the research which I just did, I Love Yoo! is a Malaysian franchise. I had thought it was a Taiwanese franchise as we had been having quite a lot of Taiwanese franchise around Brunei and Malaysia over the past few years. I had only gotten to know about I Love Yoo! couple of months ago when they just opened an outlet in Miri.

I had wanted to try their outlet in Miri last November but never gotten round to do so. Lucky for me, it wasn’t long after when I heard I Love Yoo! will be brought into Brunei by the same franchise owner of Waroeng Penyet.


This is their entire menu which I snapped a picture of in case you are wondering what does I Love Yoo! serves and their pricing range. Honestly speaking, I find their pricing to be rather steep if compared to the pricing of the outlet in our neighboring town. According to Kaylie, the pricing for dough fritter item is RM1 in Miri and we have B$1 for each item here in Brunei outlet.


Set B | B$2.80

Both Kaylie and I ordered the same set meal. It comes with a hot cup of their homemade soy milk and a You Tiao. We were asked if we wanted our You Tiao to be “scissored” into bite size and we agreed. I love their soy milk. It was extremely smooth and tasted a little bit sweet albeit the staff claimed that their soy milk was sugar free. Kaylie had even requested the staff to add in a little bit sugar into her soy milk for her.

The You Tiao was deep fried to perfection. Albeit it was already cool when we had it, it was not hard and chewy like some other You Tiao which I had tried before. It was a little dense at the ends though but still perfect in my opinion.


Apart from their signature You Tiao, I Love Yoo! also serves various kind of dough fritters that we Chinese are familiar of. They have this sesame balls with red bean or peanut fillings. I bought some sesame balls with peanut fillings for my parents and a deep fried red bean bun. My mom quite like the sesame balls as it was still soft albeit cold. However, it was too oily for her liking.

All in all, I am impressed with the food serve at I Love Yoo! Brunei albeit the steep pricing. I do not mind returning for more You Tiao when I am craving for one. So, have you tried I Love Yoo!, Brunei?


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