20012015 / Zest, EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club

I drove myself to EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club from BRIDEX after lunch today as I did not follow my colleagues out for lunch. I had brought my own lunch as today is the first day of lunar calender month. The drive from BRIDEX to EMPIRE was a short one. It took only about five minutes or so. I had wanted to go outside and take some shots as I had brought along my camera but the weather did not look good for scenery pictures.

So, I went Zest for desserts after lunch and hoping that I could use some WiFi on my iPad as I needed to search for some stuffs. Unfortunately, the WiFi signal at Zest is almost non-existent. I had even asked one of the staff for the name of their WiFi and she frankly told me that WiFi signal at Zest is very weak. Ordered myself a cup of Mochachino as I needed my daily dose of caffeine and a piece of New York Cheesecake as that was the only cake which tempted me.


Mochachino | B$6.00


New York Cheesecake | B$4.00

Feel kinda knackered right now as I had been waking up early since yesterday morning and thinking of hitting the sack early tonight. So, I shall end my blog entry for today here. Good night world!

EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club
Tel: +673-2418888 Ext. 75008

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