25012015 / Coffee Zone, Gadong

Before I start with my today’s blog entry of my lunch at Coffee Zone, Gadong last Sunday, I wanna update on the fake Michael Kors wallet which I bought on behalf of the colleague of Sister. Jia Whatsapp texted me last Monday morning while I was at the Job Fair in BRIDEX. She told me that there is this website selling “authentic” Michael Kors products and they are having a huge price slash sale for about 17 hours. She asked me if I wanted to buy any as she is short of few tenners to reach free delivery quota.

Told Sister about the deal and she somehow managed to get one of her colleagues to join the fun. Her colleague placed an order for a wallet and Jia proceeded to check out with all the orders that she got. I told her not to wait for me first as I could not decide which bag to go for. Somehow, there is this uncertainty creeping up on me about the website. It is weird that they are offering such as huge price slash for authentic Michael Kors products.

So, I got curious and checked out the website FAQ section and there was a question about the authenticity of the products. They had been extremely honest and stated that they are “highest quality replica” from the same manufacturer of Michael Kors in China. I decided not to buy any when I saw the word “replica”. Told Sister about it so that she could inform her colleague that this is not a genuine Michael Kors product but first class imitation.

Anyways, the parcel arrived Jia yesterday and she Whatsapp texted me to collect. I went after work so that I can play with baby Lucas while he is still awake. Before Jia handed me the wallet which she ordered for Sister’s colleague, she informed that the quality was pretty terrible. The quality is nowhere near what was shown on the website. The website used the pictures of original Michael Kors products.



According to Jia, some of the products still looked a bit original from afar but looked definitely fake when taken a close look. But once you pull the external zip to reveal the inner look of the wallet, it will definitely come to you that this is a fake Michael Kors wallet. The website stated that they manufacture highest quality replica but this looked like a second class imitation to me as I had seen better imitation of Michael Kors than this.

Thank goodness that I did not buy any or else I will be so bummed when I see the products. Lesson learnt, never buy from other websites apart from the brand official website. If you are wondering which website this wallet came from, here is the link.

Okay … Enough on the ranting, let’s carry on with what I am supposed to blog about today.

After almost five hours of hair rebonding treatment at IA Salon, I went Coffee Zone, Gadong for late lunch. My original plan was to go Hot Point Restaurant for their Baked Seafood Rice but the restaurant was extremely crowded and the waiter just told me that the table was reserved as he was wiping the food excess when I approached the table and he did not even bother to find me another table. Kinda pissed with the customer service so I left.


American Fried Rice | B$7.50

Can’t think of what to eat so I ordered American Fried Rice with side dishes of two chicken wings and green salad. The fried rice was well done and cooked with sliced chicken frankfurters. But I did not like the frozen beans but beggar can’t be chooser, right? I was already starving at that point.

Not a fan of their chicken wings as they were deep fried to dry rather than perfection. The wings kinda shrunk in size and not juicy at all. I hate chicken wings fried without coated with flour batter.

Speaking of fried food, I am thinking of getting a Philips Airfryer. That way I can have fried food without having to worry about splattering hot oil. What do you think? Is it a value purchase?

Coffee Zone Gadong
Food Court 2, Ground Floor,
Centrepoint Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2423333


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