Review: Peppermint Cafe, Brunei

The three of us – Mike (San Diann), Clara and I had dinner at Peppermint Cafe yesterday evening. Mike had invited both Clara and I for a meet up dinner on last Friday evening but I could not make as I had dinner arrangement with Kaylie. So, we postponed the dinner until yesterday evening. I had actually forgotten about the dinner meet up until Clara Whatsapp texted in our group message where would the dinner venue be this time round.

Seriously, I think I am starting to have short term memory as there were quite a few details which I could not seem to remember after a few days. But thank goodness that she reminded us the other day or else I would have gone straight home from work. I arrived late at Peppermint Cafe as I got out late from a meeting in the office. Took me around 25 minutes to reach as I missed the entrance and I had to make a U-Turn at the nearest U-Turn junction.

Clara was the first to arrive and she managed to grab us a table albeit the cafe was extremely packed at the time she arrived. Majority patrons had left at the time when I reached the cafe. Crowds started to get more eventually and we were the last to leave the cafe. The staffs were nice enough to let us stay for a while albeit it was past their business hour.

Anyways, pictures of Peppermint Cafe ahead! I will start with the decoration pictures followed by food pictures.



The cafe has a cozy ambiance. It is pretty spacious in my opinion and I like how they decorated the cafe. It has a great lighting which makes good food photography and selfies. LOL!



Look at how cute these mini Nutella and jam jars are! I wonder if they are for real or just fake miniatures. I think the jams were for real but maybe fake miniatures for the Nutella.

Food pictures ahead …


Double Shot Latte | B$4.50

This is actually a normal Cafe Latte but with an added shot of Espresso. When this was being served, the waiter kindly asked if I needed any sugar. I declined as I thought I will be fine with the bitterness. It was quite bitter when taken the first sip but the coffee gotten sweet eventually even without any sugar added.

My coffee with the coffee art of a cat. Clara made fun that the cat would have melted by the time I am done with the food photography. LOL! Well, I do not think it matters much anyways as the coffee art was not even that distinctive in the first place as the milk froth was not firmly done.


French Fries | B$4.00

The both of them ordered this to munch on while they were waiting for me to arrive. These fries turned out to be one of the best fries that I had eaten. They were a little crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. One word – perfecto!


Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce | B$8.90

Mike and I ordered the same dish for dinner. This chicken dish comes with three kinds of gravy sauce to choose from – black pepper, mushroom and onion. I chose mushroom sauce gravy as I am not huge on black pepper sauce. And as for the side dish, you can choose one among french fries, boiled sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes. They were out of mashed potatoes yesterday evening, so I opted for french fries since I am not interested in boiled sweet potatoes.

The chicken was cooked to perfection. Bones had been removed so it was basically a boneless chicken thigh fillet. The mushroom sauce however was a little bit too salty for our liking. The coleslaw was however the Asian version. It was good and appetizing at the same time.


Pasta Carbonara | B$8.90

Clara choice of dinner. The portion was just right for her and it came with generous portion of beef bacon. The pasta looked good but unfortunately, I can’t eat beef. Perhaps I am gonna try requesting for a chicken version of Pasta Carbonara next time?

Verdict: I like the setting of the cafe, it was cozy and comfortable. Great venue for gatherings and great food too. However, the location is a little bit too far from where I live. I don’t mind returning again for their breakfast as I had seen multiple good reviews of their French Toast with Caramelized Sliced Bananas.

It took quite some time for the three of us to figure out the location. So, here is a heads up for those of you interested in trying out the cafe but did not know the whereabouts. The cafe is located in the same area as Starbucks Coffee in Beribi. It is on the same block as Courts Furniture and Isha Jaya. There is no signboard or banner of the cafe yet but you will find the cafe if you walk straight ahead from Courts Furniture. Next to Peppermint Cafe is Syarikat Kerthik.

Peppermint Cafe
Unit 14, Block A,
Ground Floor,
Simpang: 493, Beribi,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8221888

PS: They are close on every Monday and business hour ends at 4PM on every Sunday.


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