01022015 / Piccolo Cafe

I went out pretty late this morning albeit I woke up earlier compared the usual waking time during working days. Intended to go Hua Ho, Kiulap for some grocery shopping but it turned out that there was no way that I could get into the area without getting stuck at the junction. There was this crazy sales up to 70% at Hua Ho, Kiulap from 9:00a.m. in the morning until 11:00p.m in the evening.

So, I made a detour and went Hua Ho, Yayasan instead as I wanted to make an appointment with Shet Fui for facial treatment before Chinese New Year. I managed to get an early lunch at Piccolo Cafe before starting on my grocery shopping. As mentioned in my previous blog entry on Piccolo Cafe, I wanted to try the Chai Tea Latte from Piccolo Cafe. So, I got my fix this morning.


Chai Tea Latte Piccolo Cafe | B$4.80


Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich | B$6.90

This was Turkish Bread if I am not mistaken as I saw the exact same kind of bread selling at Supa Save, Mabohai this afternoon. The bread was toasted before filling the bread with chicken teriyaki fillings. The bread was crunchy after being toasted so it was completely impossible to eat with a fork and knife as they break when sliced. It was easier holding them together with your hands.

Fillings consisted of chicken teriyaki cutlets, lettuce, pineapple rings and mayonnaise. What I liked about the chicken teriyaki was that they used the meat of chicken thigh instead of chicken breast. The meat were juicy and tender. I had never tried sandwich with canned sliced pineapples rings but it was good.


A close up look of the generous fillings in the sandwich!

Piccolo Cafe
No: 11, Jalan McArthur,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2241558


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