Of Random Things #57

Today hasn’t been a productive day as I did not manage to get what I wanted done. I was supposed to do facial treatment today but it was cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance. So, the appointment was rescheduled to next Sunday. I intended to do a “complete” facial treatment today and whitening treatment for next Sunday.

But due to the time constraint before Chinese New Year, I will resort to doing whitening treatment only next Sunday as I do not want my skin to look blotchy and red from the extraction during Chinese New Year. By the way, I will have reviews of several skincare products coming up shortly after all the hiatus on updating about the skincare products which I had tried and tested all these while.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I had attempted Dried Cranberries Cookies this afternoon after I am done catching up on my latest drama obsession of 千金女贼 (Lady Liar). Anyways, this Dried Cranberries Cookies attempt on mine was not as successful as I anticipated them to be. Recipe was adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover but with my own modifications.


Dried Cranberries Cookies (adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover)


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