Day 2/11 – Yehliu GeoPark

I had done updating about my first day of holiday few days ago and I am here with the second day. I decided to take things slowly this time round rather than feeling the need to update about my holiday as soon as I am back from one. To be honest, the mood for blogging is not as strong as before anymore. But still, I will do my best.

Both Sister and I stayed at Westgate Hotel in Ximending while in Taipei due to the location and within walking distance to the metro station. The metro station was less than a minute walk from the entrance of the hotel. And there were even a few other plus points for the location of the hotel which I shall only reveal when I am doing a review entry of the hotel. So, stay tune if you are interested!

Sister and I woke up early for the breakfast buffet in the hotel as our hired cab for the day will be picking us up at 9:00a.m. in the morning. He was already there when we came out from the hotel entrance. He turned out to be a guy in his mid thirties or early forties and friendly as well. He is very knowledgeable of the landmarks across Taiwan. But of course, it is their job to be knowledgeable in every aspects of Taiwan tourism landmarks.


Our first stop of the day was Yehliu GeoPark. I think it took us around 30 to 45 minutes to reach the said destination from the hotel. First thing to do when getting out of the car is to buy yourself a ticket into Yehliu GeoPark. Ticket price for adult is NT$80 per person which only grants you per entry.


The good thing about tourism landmarks here in Taiwan is that they have multiple ticketing counters. It is very common nowadays to have China tourists in majority countries and they usually go by tour groups. So, they have these counters whereby the ticket attendant will serve tour guides buying tickets for the tourists.


There will be a couple more staffs at the entrance whereby they will take your ticket for scanning before you are allowed in.


A bunch of tourists behind us …



These people in the above pictures were strangers to me. I wanted to take a picture of the stone thing behind but it is almost impossible to get a picture of it alone without having photobomber in the picture! The only trick is you must be quick and standby fingers on the shutter.


Succeeded but taken by Sister. I got frustrated of having so many tourists photobombing my pictures and I decided to throw the responsibility to Sister in snapping pictures of these eroded stone statues.



Rock touching is not allowed inside the park but there were just some tourists who don’t give a shit about them. They seem to think that they will be bestowed with some magic luck by touching these rocks. I witnessed the same thing as well at The Forbidden City, Beijing.






Artistic much? But not my artwork. LOL!


One of my favorite pictures of the trip …

Before calling our hired cab driver for the day, both Sister and I headed over to the small market right across the ticketing counters. Majority stalls sell fresh local fruits. Most of them sell about the same fruits but at different pricing but you could try haggling though.


According to my colleague, she did not get to try much fresh local fruits when she was in Taipei two years ago. And there wasn’t any fruit market outside Yehliu GeoPark either when she was there.


Wow! Look at the bright colors of the fruits …


Custard Apple for NT$90. It was extremely sweet and juicy but it is not something you would want to eat a lot. It tasted as if you are eating sugar when overdosed.

Day 1/11 – BWN=>HKG=>TPE

It has been nearly a week since I came home from my holiday. To be honest, I don’t feel like blogging as much as I did before. Albeit I had quite a lot of topics to blog about recently, the mood to pen them down is not as strong as before. But I will try to write as much as I could today as I had already sorted out some of the pictures taken in Taiwan. The pictures were not much but they will do for the time being.

To be honest, there aren’t much options that you could choose from for traveling to Taiwan from Brunei. You could always choose to travel with AirAsia, transiting in either Kuala Lumpur (KL) or Kota Kinabalu (KK). Both transit points require you to stay the night, if I am not mistaken. You could also fly with Singapore Airlines, transiting in Singapore or Malaysia Airlines, transiting in either KL or KK as well but the fare price is horrendous.

For my case, I did not choose any of the above. I chose to fly with Royal Brunei Airlines into Hong Kong, stayed for a couple of hours inside the airport and then took the evening flight into Taipei via Eva Air. I bought multi destinations ticket as I am flying back to Brunei via Shanghai instead of Hong Kong. I flew back to Shanghai via China Eastern Airlines from Taipei.


To be comfortable on board, I wore a pair of CROCS shoes which I bought from Shanghai last September and a fitting trouser so that I stay warm. As the airport was currently under major renovation, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf wasn’t in service on the day when I departed.


Here’s a selfie to mark the start of my 11 days holiday. Woohoo!

The flight from Brunei to Hong Kong wasn’t a full one as I could have the seating next to me all to myself. The journey from Brunei to Hong Kong was a smooth one and we landed on time. The queue at the Immigration checkpoints was about few hundreds meters long. Thankfully, it only took about 10 minutes before it was my turn. Luggage was already on the conveyor belt when I came out after immigration clearance.

I stayed in the arrival terminal for about two to three hours before I checked in for my next destination. Bought a couple of items from Mannings and even had an early dinner at Café de Cora for their Roasted Goose!


I couldn’t remember how much this was but I remembered that I ordered in set. It comes with this meat platter, blanched lettuce, rice and coffee. The meat platter was good but the blanched lettuce was so so. The peanuts underneath the meat were good though. Headed straight into the departure hall after dinner to start my shopping spree. I wanted to get some skincare products as I heard Hong Kong is one of the cheapest countries for skincare products.

In the end, I realized that the claim wasn’t exactly true as it depends on which brand you are buying. Elizabeth Arden is definitely not cheap in Hong Kong. I think it is cheaper in Malaysia especially if you can get staff price discount. I went into a couple of designer shops but came out empty handed as I don’t feel like splurging so much on the first day but I bought two items from agnès b.


To be honest, I am not a huge fan of agnès b but it was the design of the bag which caught my attention. The design was kinda alike the Prada bag which I had been eyeing for years. I bought a bag and a key pouch from agnès b. Splurged nearly B$500 on those two items. Thankfully, Sister did not complain about my purchases. Surprisingly enough, the bag that I bought was the one that she liked from agnès b too!


Another selfie again after arriving Taipei. xD

Sister’s flight from Shanghai to Taipei did not land on time as the plane hoovered in the air for half an hour before it landed. So, I waited for her for about an hour before she came out from the arrival terminal.


Welcome to Taiwan!


The temperature outside on the first night when we arrived Taipei. This picture was taken at the airport while waiting for Sister to arrive. What I love about airports in Taiwan and Hong Kong is the free wifi across the terminals! That way, you won’t feel bored while waiting for your traveling partner(s) to arrive!


I think this is a shop selling IMEI products. A taxi driver approached me when I was wandering around the terminal. I rejected him politely and he even said thank you before walking away. Taiwanese people are just so courteous! You don’t have to worry about getting lost in Taipei as the people there are generally friendly and willing to help.


I had been wondering what this is. A weighing machine?

More to come soon … Stay tune!

Of Random Things #58

Aloha there!

Just came back from my 11 days holiday on Monday evening. The flight was a smooth one and we landed on time. Managed to get home in within half an hour after our flight landed and got my luggage unpacked in within a short time as well. Packing was fun but unpacking however is another different story. LOL!

Anyways, I will get back to blogging as soon as possible. Kaylie is getting married on this Sunday so I had to be at her place at dawn. Not as one of her sisters but as a guest. I am not one who is into being “sister” as I find it cruel playing all the ridiculous and ruthless games towards the “brothers”. So, being “sister” is definitely not something I am into.

On the week before I am off for my 11 days holiday, Sister was home for a couple of days and she flew to Bali in between. The both of us managed to have some time together trying out new eateries. And we even have two family dinners together! So, this blog entry is all about the food which we had during the time she was back home.

The family and I had an advanced Chap Goh Meh dinner at Lucky Restaurant as Sister will be in Bali on that day itself. Couldn’t decide where to have dinner so we settled with Lucky Restaurant.



Yee Sang | B$38

Chinese folks would definitely know what this is. We called it Yee Sang. It has been a popular dish on every Chinese New Year since couple of years ago. But this was the first time our family had it during Chinese New Year. To be honest, I find Yee Sang so so but it is the “atmosphere” that people love when tossing the ingredients with your family members.

The ingredients were nothing much interesting apart from the smoked salmon. The ingredients were drizzled with plum sauce and some 5 spices Chinese powder.


Seafood Soup

A must have everytime if we were to order soup dish during meals. It comes with fish maw, sea cucumber, silken tofu, mushroom, dried scallop (maybe) and some other ingredients which I could not recall. This soup is best served with black vinegar.


Sweet & Sour Pork

My all time favorite dish back when I was a kid but quality kinda deteriorated over the years.


Deep Fried Tofu & Minced Meat Claypot


Stir Fry Asparagus with Scallops | B$20

I picked Sister up from the airport on the day when she arrived from Bali. We headed straight to Peppermint Cafe for breakfast. The both of us headed to The Mall after breakfast as we couldn’t decide what to do. After wandering around aimlessly, I had decided that I need my sugar dose to calm down the migraine that I was having at the time. So, we headed to Secret Recipe.


Chocolate Cheesecake | B$4.90


Black Forest Cake | B$4.90

I had tried so many Black Forest Cake and the best which I had by far was the one from Secret Recipe. But of course, it has to be when freshly flown into Brunei. The longer they stayed in the display fridge, the denser and drier the sponge cake layers were. But I like the generous portion of their fruits filling!

After getting my sugar dose fixed, I had decided that I wanna drop by Jia‘s place to visit baby Lucas. But unfortunately, Lucas was under the care of Jia’s mother in law in Lumut at that time as Jia’s parents were on a holiday to Singapore and no one to take care of Lucas during the day when both Stephen and Jia are working. So, no Lucas means no house visiting. LOL!

Dinner was at Thiam Hock Restaurant on the same evening. I told Mom not to cook for dinner as I felt like having a grand dinner after all the stress and pressure that I had at workplace on the week before.


Stir Fry Spinach with Garlic


Curry Fish Head


Deep Fried Pork Rib


Sizzling Tofu with Minced Meat


Couldn’t remember what this is called but this is pork meat around the fatty area of a pig.

I wasn’t joking when I said I felt like having a grand dinner. We couldn’t finish some of the food and ended up with takeaways. I quite like their food but my family members claimed that the food were either too salty or too sweet for them. LOL!

08032015 / Peppermint Cafe, Brunei

Hello there! It’s been a while since I had last blogged properly. I will be on a 11 days holiday starting from the day after tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to get some blog entries sorted out and have them on scheduled posting while I am away. I will try to update as much as I could when I am in Shanghai as that is only where I could have access to apps blocked in China.

Anyways, I had my day off last Sunday after two hectic weeks. I was pretty much sleep deprived for the past two weeks and I ended up having a migraine a while after I woke up. Woke up to Mom asking me what time is Sister arriving from Bali. Her flight is due to arrive at 9:30a.m. in the morning and I am still in bed at 8:30a.m. in the morning. Took a shower and headed to the airport at around 9:30a.m. with Sister waiting for me at the Arrival Hall. Her flight arrived early by 20 minutes.

Ever since my first visit to Peppermint Cafe with Mike and Clara, I had been hoping that I could revisit the place to try their breakfast menu. I wanted to try their Black Charcoal Sandwich and French Toast with Caramelized Bananas. I did not get to try their Black Charcoal Sandwich as the waiter told me that they ran out of Black Charcoal Bread. And I had French Toast with Caramelized Apples instead of bananas as they ran out of bananas as well.


Garlic Bread | B$2.00

Instead of toasting the bread in the oven, they heated up the bread with the microwave. That way you will get a soft warm bread instead of a thick crusty bread. The Garlic Bread was not bad but nothing special to rave about though.


French Toast with Caramelized Apples | B$5.50

I ordered for French Toast with Caramelized Bananas but they were out of bananas. So, the waiter asked if I mind having caramelized apples instead of bananas. Why not? Caramelized apples sound great. To be honest, I think caramelized apples sound better than caramelized bananas. LOL!

The apple chunks were caramelized to perfection. They were soft and slightly crunchy at the same time and seasoned with moderate portion of ground cinnamon. The french toast were good too. Perfectly done and not soggy at all. According to the chef, this dish is not on their menu yet as they are still on experimenting stage with but it will be on the menu soon.


Omelette | B$6.00

Can’t remember what this is called but I knew it was Omelette something. LOL! This was what Sister had for breakfast the other day. I did not remember her saying much about this particular dish but she wondered why it was not Lurpak butter they served but Anchor butter. Well, it is not common to have cafes in Brunei serving Lurpak butter.

Peppermint Cafe
Unit 14, Block A,
Ground Floor,
Simpang: 493, Beribi,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8221888

Back From Hiatus!

I think this is probably the longest hiatus that I had managed ever since I started this blog space. Anyways, updating will be regular from now onward as I had managed to finish off my work at the end of last week. Work had been hectic for the past two weeks. But thank God, everything is over now.

I will starting my 11 days holiday on this coming Friday whereby I will be transiting in Hong Kong for Taipei. Sister will be joining me for Taipei but we will both be arriving at different time. I booked myself a single way ticket to Taipei from Hong Kong via Eva Air on Hello Kitty Jet. Kinda excited about the Hello Kitty experience. Will blog about it when I had the time while in Shanghai.

My holiday this time round is pretty much jam packed compared to my last holiday trip in September. I will be covering Taipei, Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing this time. Sister will be on a work trip to Tianjin, so we will be taking the bullet train to Beijing for a weekend.

Anyways, this is all for now. I will start updating tomorrow. See ya!