Back From Hiatus!

I think this is probably the longest hiatus that I had managed ever since I started this blog space. Anyways, updating will be regular from now onward as I had managed to finish off my work at the end of last week. Work had been hectic for the past two weeks. But thank God, everything is over now.

I will starting my 11 days holiday on this coming Friday whereby I will be transiting in Hong Kong for Taipei. Sister will be joining me for Taipei but we will both be arriving at different time. I booked myself a single way ticket to Taipei from Hong Kong via Eva Air on Hello Kitty Jet. Kinda excited about the Hello Kitty experience. Will blog about it when I had the time while in Shanghai.

My holiday this time round is pretty much jam packed compared to my last holiday trip in September. I will be covering Taipei, Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing this time. Sister will be on a work trip to Tianjin, so we will be taking the bullet train to Beijing for a weekend.

Anyways, this is all for now. I will start updating tomorrow. See ya!


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