Of Random Things #58

Aloha there!

Just came back from my 11 days holiday on Monday evening. The flight was a smooth one and we landed on time. Managed to get home in within half an hour after our flight landed and got my luggage unpacked in within a short time as well. Packing was fun but unpacking however is another different story. LOL!

Anyways, I will get back to blogging as soon as possible. Kaylie is getting married on this Sunday so I had to be at her place at dawn. Not as one of her sisters but as a guest. I am not one who is into being “sister” as I find it cruel playing all the ridiculous and ruthless games towards the “brothers”. So, being “sister” is definitely not something I am into.

On the week before I am off for my 11 days holiday, Sister was home for a couple of days and she flew to Bali in between. The both of us managed to have some time together trying out new eateries. And we even have two family dinners together! So, this blog entry is all about the food which we had during the time she was back home.

The family and I had an advanced Chap Goh Meh dinner at Lucky Restaurant as Sister will be in Bali on that day itself. Couldn’t decide where to have dinner so we settled with Lucky Restaurant.



Yee Sang | B$38

Chinese folks would definitely know what this is. We called it Yee Sang. It has been a popular dish on every Chinese New Year since couple of years ago. But this was the first time our family had it during Chinese New Year. To be honest, I find Yee Sang so so but it is the “atmosphere” that people love when tossing the ingredients with your family members.

The ingredients were nothing much interesting apart from the smoked salmon. The ingredients were drizzled with plum sauce and some 5 spices Chinese powder.


Seafood Soup

A must have everytime if we were to order soup dish during meals. It comes with fish maw, sea cucumber, silken tofu, mushroom, dried scallop (maybe) and some other ingredients which I could not recall. This soup is best served with black vinegar.


Sweet & Sour Pork

My all time favorite dish back when I was a kid but quality kinda deteriorated over the years.


Deep Fried Tofu & Minced Meat Claypot


Stir Fry Asparagus with Scallops | B$20

I picked Sister up from the airport on the day when she arrived from Bali. We headed straight to Peppermint Cafe for breakfast. The both of us headed to The Mall after breakfast as we couldn’t decide what to do. After wandering around aimlessly, I had decided that I need my sugar dose to calm down the migraine that I was having at the time. So, we headed to Secret Recipe.


Chocolate Cheesecake | B$4.90


Black Forest Cake | B$4.90

I had tried so many Black Forest Cake and the best which I had by far was the one from Secret Recipe. But of course, it has to be when freshly flown into Brunei. The longer they stayed in the display fridge, the denser and drier the sponge cake layers were. But I like the generous portion of their fruits filling!

After getting my sugar dose fixed, I had decided that I wanna drop by Jia‘s place to visit baby Lucas. But unfortunately, Lucas was under the care of Jia’s mother in law in Lumut at that time as Jia’s parents were on a holiday to Singapore and no one to take care of Lucas during the day when both Stephen and Jia are working. So, no Lucas means no house visiting. LOL!

Dinner was at Thiam Hock Restaurant on the same evening. I told Mom not to cook for dinner as I felt like having a grand dinner after all the stress and pressure that I had at workplace on the week before.


Stir Fry Spinach with Garlic


Curry Fish Head


Deep Fried Pork Rib


Sizzling Tofu with Minced Meat


Couldn’t remember what this is called but this is pork meat around the fatty area of a pig.

I wasn’t joking when I said I felt like having a grand dinner. We couldn’t finish some of the food and ended up with takeaways. I quite like their food but my family members claimed that the food were either too salty or too sweet for them. LOL!


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