Day 2/11 – Yehliu GeoPark

I had done updating about my first day of holiday few days ago and I am here with the second day. I decided to take things slowly this time round rather than feeling the need to update about my holiday as soon as I am back from one. To be honest, the mood for blogging is not as strong as before anymore. But still, I will do my best.

Both Sister and I stayed at Westgate Hotel in Ximending while in Taipei due to the location and within walking distance to the metro station. The metro station was less than a minute walk from the entrance of the hotel. And there were even a few other plus points for the location of the hotel which I shall only reveal when I am doing a review entry of the hotel. So, stay tune if you are interested!

Sister and I woke up early for the breakfast buffet in the hotel as our hired cab for the day will be picking us up at 9:00a.m. in the morning. He was already there when we came out from the hotel entrance. He turned out to be a guy in his mid thirties or early forties and friendly as well. He is very knowledgeable of the landmarks across Taiwan. But of course, it is their job to be knowledgeable in every aspects of Taiwan tourism landmarks.


Our first stop of the day was Yehliu GeoPark. I think it took us around 30 to 45 minutes to reach the said destination from the hotel. First thing to do when getting out of the car is to buy yourself a ticket into Yehliu GeoPark. Ticket price for adult is NT$80 per person which only grants you per entry.


The good thing about tourism landmarks here in Taiwan is that they have multiple ticketing counters. It is very common nowadays to have China tourists in majority countries and they usually go by tour groups. So, they have these counters whereby the ticket attendant will serve tour guides buying tickets for the tourists.


There will be a couple more staffs at the entrance whereby they will take your ticket for scanning before you are allowed in.


A bunch of tourists behind us …



These people in the above pictures were strangers to me. I wanted to take a picture of the stone thing behind but it is almost impossible to get a picture of it alone without having photobomber in the picture! The only trick is you must be quick and standby fingers on the shutter.


Succeeded but taken by Sister. I got frustrated of having so many tourists photobombing my pictures and I decided to throw the responsibility to Sister in snapping pictures of these eroded stone statues.



Rock touching is not allowed inside the park but there were just some tourists who don’t give a shit about them. They seem to think that they will be bestowed with some magic luck by touching these rocks. I witnessed the same thing as well at The Forbidden City, Beijing.






Artistic much? But not my artwork. LOL!


One of my favorite pictures of the trip …

Before calling our hired cab driver for the day, both Sister and I headed over to the small market right across the ticketing counters. Majority stalls sell fresh local fruits. Most of them sell about the same fruits but at different pricing but you could try haggling though.


According to my colleague, she did not get to try much fresh local fruits when she was in Taipei two years ago. And there wasn’t any fruit market outside Yehliu GeoPark either when she was there.


Wow! Look at the bright colors of the fruits …


Custard Apple for NT$90. It was extremely sweet and juicy but it is not something you would want to eat a lot. It tasted as if you are eating sugar when overdosed.


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